Flipping tables and stuff

A mistake I have made a couple times now while moving things around and managing decorations is that I’ll accidentally remove an item with a few other placable items on it and it destroys all the other objects. Can we have a lock down or a pickup all feature so we can’t accidentally remove/lose things we don’t want ?

My scenario, I found a long table and I love the look in my base so I’m setting up a spread, I have mugs up and down each side of the table, an iron set down on the head where the boss sits and I go to pick up a cup and poof… the table vanishes to my inventory and all the items disappear into thin air.
An option to lock the table would prevent such accidents by preventing interactions other than unlock. The other option is have all placable items on another placable item like carpets and tables for example, also go to your inventory or drop into a loot bag pile where they can be recovered.


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