Floating animation over some foundation tiles

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug - visual and interactive
Server type: PVE
Region: EU 1004 PVE

In one of the outposts there were few foundations that caused a floating animation when over them (have not experienced this in quite a while).

Location of the outpost is just outside temple area of Sepermeru (can provide coordinates if needed)

Problematic foundations were all Frontier, making an L shape (combined about 15 foundations). Not all Frontier foundations there caused the problem, just said L shape ones. I could not interact with any of the problematic ones with “E” from top, but those that are on the edge, I could interact with from the side.

The floating animation was completely repeatable going on an off those foundations.

When I restarted the game, the problem was gone. But in both cases I spawned standing halfway inside a foundation (not the problematic ones but same location, just a bit away).

Also, those foundations were not touched in a long time, probably closing to 1 year (yes, I am so lazy that parts of that site are still t1 :roll_eyes:)

Do not know if this is known, but as said, was a while since I experienced it, so I point it out.

I have this very often on logging into the game. My castle contains a mixture of Yamatai and Khitan foundations as flooring. I spawn in a room with yamatai floor (ceiling pieces), but when I try to run over the Khitan foundations on the castle grounds, I float over some of them. Last time I even sunk into one of them and moved around below the floor level.

As a workaround, I leave the castle until I am out of render-distance and then come back, normally the ground is then solid again all over.

Hey @Meo

We’re aware of this old issue, however we’ve not found yet a reliable repro case which we can base a fix on.
Current workaround is to restart the server.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

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I can not reproduce it reliably either, it only happens sometimes, and when it happens it is not always the same foundations I float over.

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