Floating over Khitan foundations

This video shows it pretty well. This is on US3 and the building is just outside of Sep, near the Set altar.

Also, I should mention that I can’t remove some of my building pieces. I can’t remove my inside stairs and some of my wall sections. The floating was fixed several patches ago, or so I thought? Not sure what made it return.

So when I leave the area, as in I Mapped to the volcano, then come back, I no longer float and can now remove those walls. Seems like it is an issue that happens when I first log in at that base?

It’s an issue that can occur on any base any building material. Running out of render range and then back in usually solves it or relogging.
Funcom has this issue listed on Trello with the note unable to reproduce.
I think it’s the game failing to load up the collision info correctly for an area.
Often happens to me if I sprint between different types of building items or through a door way especially when the game is still loading in the building and reconciling what harvesting nodes (eg trees, iron ore nodes) should and should not be there.


That makes sense. I should make a little 4x4 base and always plan to log out there, then when I log in, head to any of my other bases, so they can load in properly, rather than the rush load from a login right there.

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