Floating damage numbers mod

Does anyone know if this mod is being updated? I downloaded it on the Workshop last night to do some thrall combat tests. When I got to the in-game Mod select screen it said it was corrupt and could not be validated. I realize I could be jumping the gun here since we just got a hotfux and I’m not sure if that is the issue. I don’t play with mods on normally, but I really wanted those damage numbers to plan for some events I have in mind.

I do apologize for the inconvenience but until the game becomes more stable (less fixes to fix the issues that were fixed in the last fix) I wont be updating that mod. Once the game stabilizes i will continue with the project.


I was certainly not expecting a response from the mod author. Thanks for letting me know and I can totally appreciate your position.

Yep no problem it is just becoming hard to keep up with all the constant changes.

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Thats a feature should be actually into the game, it would certainly be most useful for the players.

Modders are pretty active, and its great that the devs at Funcom communicate with us as well. Well much improved over a year ago for sure.

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