Follower can not reach target location since patch 2.7

Game mode: [SELECT ONE] Online official
Type of issue: [SELECT ONE] Bug
Server type: [SELECT ONE] PvE-Conflict
Region: Europe
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam |Game Pass

When the server population is low, everything is fine, but as soon as more than 12-15 people are online, followers become completely unresponsive, when you are near an npc camp or boss.
When you tell them to move in a certain direction the take 2-3 steps and then stop.
If you point on the ground next to an npc camp , you get the message: follower can not reach target location and often the follower becomes completely unresponsive for several minutes.
Also NPCs start lagging, running repeatedly past you.

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Uh, 2.8 hasn’t been pushed yet. Either you are playing on 2.7, or you are playing on 2.8 TESTLIVE. Either way, you’ll need to edit your report to reflect that.

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you are totally correct, my bad or wishful thinking

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