Follower Damage perk. How does it work?

Some of the armor now has a “Follower Damage” perk attached to it. (Examples: Hyrkanian Raider, Poitain Cavalier, Lumurian Royal)

But to get the Follower Damage bonus do you need to be wearing the armor, or does the thrall need to be wearing the armor?

I’ve tried wearing it, and I’ve tried having a thrall wear it. The thralls Stats don’t change in either case.

How does it work? You wear it? The thrall wears it? Either/or? It’s broken?
Anyone know the answer to this one?

You wear it, not the thrall. The damage is added on per attack, it doesn’t show in the stats menu.

well undress - check numbers of damage thrall give without them
Get dressed - check numbers of damage thrall give

I can give u full combo of follower stat bonus actually goes even more on hit damage than crom sword… :smiley:

edit for stat ( I call it ‘‘Turan immortal mage’’)

  1. Gloves - Jhil ( for stamina regen and infinite climbing)
  2. Pants -Tasset of redeemed legion ( armor + stamina buff)
  3. Shoes - skellos master ( for 10% follower + agility weapon ) Because i am shield and one hand best sword user.
    P.S : All skellos master per item gives +10% damage but leaves u without armor…
  4. Chest : Chestguard of the wolf ( Because great wolf rage + 600 Armor …)
  5. Helmet of Kraxus ( As u see heavy helmet + 40% increased follower damage)

Weapon : Voidforged gladius 95 damage 30% pen
Shield : Shield of the great oak ( max durability )
All items enchanted with bulk plates and visuals to my favorite ones

Food usage and pots :smiley:

  1. The new potion that gives 10% increased damage : I guess it was tears of gulag… or something
  2. Dogfish or big dik fish, also now gives i think 5-10% damage follower + Charisma …

Follower set Now:

Helmet : Aspect of the wolf ( Armor and damage bonus(should be 10-15%))
Chest : Chestguard of the wolf ( same reason why on me)
Hands : Bracers of serpent ( Best damage bonus on str weapon +8%)
Pants : Black knight tasset ( Armor + 8% damage)
Boots : Slaver boots ( Armor + 5% damage )

Weapons 1: Incarmine 2 handed
Weapons 2: Ferotoxic 2 handed
Both infused with damage and pen + maked with sharper blacksmith

My stats for follower damage output :

( LOl even found nice spelling error :smiley: bug )

So 3%x15 increased damage if i hit anyone
i am healing myself and imune to any bleed poisons or so so i can eat raw
and all i get hitted by enemy is splitted to 2 followers who has 4,4 HP each+ horse …
And each hit they deal is like bleed + poison and heals me back by damage followers deal ( i aint remember but healing is like each hit 50 :smiley: )

So i am kinda immortal for PVE :smiley: atleast :smiley:

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Yes, it works.

If you wear the clothes the damage increase shows in your own stats.

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