Character armor thrall damage bonus with war party

Do my thralls get the follower damage bonus on Skelos armor if i am running war party?

Yes - they just dont get any Authority bonus.

They get the bonus if i wear the armor, correct? I should have worded my original question better.
Im not sure if they get it. I have a full set of skelos an each piece gives 10%. I just did some testing naked and i cant see the difference. You would think 50% would be noticeable?

It is not clearly said, but of what I’ve heard, any external boosts wont apply (food, potions), if you have War party perk. Personaly I would take my armor bonus for thrall dmg as something which is the same as those boost, therefore it won’t apply.

I might be wrong tho, these things need a little more of specification, in my opinion.

Imagine Skelos Master armor with all bonuses for follower, each piece gives a thrall dmg bonus. This will not do for more thrall followers, it would be overpowered.

I was under the impression that +follower dmg armor did apply - but perhaps I am incorrect. Ive seen some say it does and some say it doesnt. Ill have to give it a test when I can.

I run a corrupted Auth build and the buff to follower damage from that is pretty big - so I suppose its never occurred to me to really see if my armor was doing anything for them.

The description of War Party isn’t entirely clear - I always assumed it meant any buff from Authority was lost when using War Party - not gear/consumables - but it does say ‘statistics’ I believe, which could mean all of them.

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