Question about Hyena fur Armor stats, and armor stats in general after 3.0


I was looking at some of the Hyena Fur Armor stats yesterday in game, for example the gloves have:
Bonus Follower Damage +4%
Concussive Damage +5%

My question, is how do these stats work exactly?

A lot of other armors seem to have stats like + Str Attack, + Agi Attack, or +Health modifiers.
These seem to apply to both myself, and to any Follower wearing them.
But with the Hyena Fur armor, I am not sure.
The Concussive damage bonus, I presume, would apply to myself when worn, or to a Follower if they wear it.
The Follower Damage bonus confuses me though. Do my Followers deal more damage if I am wearing the armor, of if the Follower is wearing the armor.

Are there other stats on other armors that apply only to the Player and not the Follower when worn?

Any assistance with trying to get a better handle on how the varying stats are applied would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Have a good day.

The way I understand it is that the follower armour only gives the follower damage bonus to a following thrall if you are wearing the armour. If you equip it to a thrall the follower damage does nothing.

I think he YouTuber Wak4863 did a recent video showing something similar. The followers did not get and share the damage perk between themselves.

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