Give followers bonuses from non-DLC armor

Suggest giving followers attribute bonuses when wearing armor that boosts the Grit or Encumbrance attributes not used by followers.

The base armors (Light, Medium, Heavy) all grant Encumbrance, and many of the available special armors like Silent Legion, Godbreaker, or Pride of the Aesir have parts that similarly won’t benefit a Follower.

Sure, it’d be nice is ENC counted as STR for followers and GRIT counted as AGI, but even “sure, it’s important (snicker)” Survival would be something.

All non-DLC Heavy armors that have thrall beneficial perks:

Here’s the Light and Medium, if you are so inclined:

It would have been more precise for me to say non-DLC armors that don’t require a specific T4 armorer for the Flawless stats, yes.

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