Follower has me trapped

I am passing co op with a player that’s not online and my shell back has me trapped in their building. It’s blocking the only doorway. How can I move it or get out? I can’t tear down the other players wall and I tried telling my shell back to stop following and sign off. But when I came back it was still in the doorway scouting.

Does the “move” command not work?
If you have pvp on, a simple kick does the trick. Otherwise, ask them politely to move :slight_smile:

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Sometimes is doesn’t do anything on PlayStation either when they are stuck on the doorway (is like they go down to the floor a bit) I now make two or more doors due to this, just in case I forget to hit the unfollow command.

Also, trying to pick them up and place them in a spot is impossible in no build areas or someone else’s claim.


So there is no way to move him?

You can try to remove your bracelet, die, and respawn to move it from outside.

If you started the co-op you can become admin and break a wall to get out.

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That’s the first rule of buildings in Conan :smiley:
First: emergency exits
Second: stability

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If he got admin can’t he just use ghost mode to get out?

How do I become admin?


always carry a katana, the best workaround so far.


Just climb the wall until he moves in.

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Go to setting, under server setting tab-> general there is a button name “make me a admin” that how is on ps4
Edit: once you are admin, go to admin panel that when ghost mode is.

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Yes, but, I was trying to keep it simple.

Not sure if it’s been nerfed or not, but as @Kent mentioned, the Katana magically teleports you past thralls if you use it in the right spot :slight_smile: great trick for getting unstuck, hopefully that works!

Solo in clan? Get another member to tell thrall to follow them, if thrall is above the terrain you could rescue from followers tab and collect pooed gear if it drops above terrain…i know of a thrall carrying a SoC that is stuck under terrain…hard choice to rescue it, owner is hopping a server reset will poop thrall above terrain…gl to everybody that issues a follow command…rip epic lost loots…btw, really cool FC, yeah…cool…

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