Follower Stuck Inside Rock

I was building a base near the obelisk at the Temple of Frost. I set my follower to guard but he disappeared inside of a rock. I cannot interact with it to move it or make it follow. I cannot access its inventory. He was carrying building materials for the base. :frowning: One can see its sword sticking out of the rock. I tried to lure it out by pulling a sabertooth to the site but he did not come out to protect me.

you can recall him, but you will lose everything on him gear included, but you keep the thrall.

Is it still stuck after server restart?

Same thing on my side, thralls, horses etc…

the "rescue way " isnt obvious… you lost everything and, as it is already in guard stance, I am not sure this work everytime.

What I suggested a long time ago: when the rescuer is close to the stuck follower, it is rescued without any loss… or more simply, put in the “follow” stand.

It would be convenient having an option to command the thrall to follow from the follower tab as long as we are in close proximity to it. However, I am pretty sure on PvP servers this feature will be abused.

Hey @BogTheClub

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ll send note to our team to look for possible rocky situations followers could get into.


Please dear Sir,

This happens inside rocks but at home too, when your thrall desapears inside the floor in some foundations…

This has reported over and over for months and what is given is thanks for the heads up, you all have been given the heads up many times on this issue with thralls just deciding they like to live in the ground. Many times, please at least be more honest in your comments, like we know this has been happening for weeks and weeks and yes we have said we would look into it but well just not got an around to it.

Sometimes I wonder if you really think that we will send a note means anything to any of us anymore, we have read it at least a 1000 times in the last few months.

In the end I went to the Follower tab and “rescued” my thrall. I am not to concerned about the stuff and the gear. Those are relatively easy to replace. It is harder to replace a good follower. I think that is what bothered me.

I have never had this problem in exactly this way. However, I can now recall seeing similar situations where a follower disappeared into the scenery. In those other incidents, the thrall was following or scouting and the problem resolved itself. If the Devs can fix this, that would be good but this problem is not a showstopper for me. Actually, it is kind of funny.

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