Follower not being loaded into the world after player death

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

Hi, I have just started playing this game again and I’ve noticed something strange regarding thralls and pets.
If you get a thrall / pet to follow you and you die, they won’t be loaded into the world anymore.
I used the tracking option to see where they were on the map while they were scouting but they were not in that area, even though they showed up on the map. I have also waited for them to return home only to be confronted by the same issue. Follower appears on the map but is not there.
They were placed on solid ground, they are still alive since they appear in the followers tab but they just won’t appear in the world.
I have tried restarting the game but that didn’t help. The only way to load them up in the world was to use the rescue option but that is not convenient at all since it erases their inventory.

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this. Tonight marked my 3rd encounter.

Thanks in advance for your replies!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make thrall/pet follow you;
  2. Die;
  3. Track follower and go the the area shown on the map or wait for it to return home;
  4. Try to find the follower.

You have to press the rescue button. Still the problem here is that you have to say goodbye to the gear that your follower is wearing. Your follower is loosing every single thing, he - she is coming back empty and nude. I am telling you this because for some reason i lost my student (i name students all the thralls under lvl 20) and i was searching him for some minutes, he was not visible on the map too, so i press the rescue button and he spawned back home. But I lost his armor and his weapon, because he spawned tottaly naked with empty inventory.
I believe that in animals it would be cool, but in thralls… loosing all his gear… It hurts a little, don’t you think?

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Yes, I totally agree. I just lost a legendary weapon for rescuing my lost thrall which is really inconvenient. I know you can get your stuff back with admin commands in single player but imagine playing on a server and this happens to you.

I like that they added this option to rescue thralls but having to use it and lose my stuff just because the game bugs out is kind of frustrating. I hope there will be a fix soon.


I have died a few times this weekend and my followers came back to where they were put to guard last. That is on 2 different Ps4 private server’s. Not sure about any where else.

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This is the normal situation. Followers must return, after some time back to their stand guard position. At the time your thrall is returning home your event log was confirming this action too. Still, after the following changes we have some annoying bugs that change our morality and we do hasty moves.

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My followers returned too. There was an entry in the log stating that. I could also see them on the map, they were in the base but they were not loading up. I’m guessing maybe they spawned into the ground even though I’m always placing them on solid ground.

I usually play solo and have some friends over from time to time and now that I think of it, first occurrence of this happened after we played coop for the first time.

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Have you tried going into ghost mode to find them. Perhaps you could take there equipment and then recall them.

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Good idea! I didn’t think of this, I’ll surely try it next time. Thanks!

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