Follower traps player in confined spaces

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: North America

My Follower often traps me in a building that I have just entered. Usually this happens when the building is no more than 6 or 8 blocks in size. They stop in the entryway.

When this is a building that you own, you can use the workaround Move and Guard and place them further away. If you are in a Land Area that you do not Own, you are completely out of luck.

It is imperative that the developers permit either an action like Skyrim, where if you bump into your follower they will get out of your way, or permit the Move and Guard to actually move the follower even if they do not enter guard mode.

There is no other workaround other than killing yourself by not eating / drinking and returning from the outside of the structure. Or one could kill the follower, if it takes damage.

Steps needed to reproduce:

  1. Explained above.
  2. Need a follower
  3. A structure with one entrance, sized 2x3 on land you do not own, AI or player.
  4. Enter structure and observe follower doesn’t enter completely.
  5. Once follower blocks the doorway, see above comments about your situation.

I’ve had to suicide more than once to get out of this situation. The bump/move you mentioned would be perfect.



This is onley one thing. You also have the situation when you are in a cave or other place’s you cant klime, ore go around.


Hey @bedwin

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into ways to mitigate this.
For the time being, consider it a fair price to pay for having them on a life of slavery.
Thanks for the feedback.


This is why I have either 2 doors next to each other or gate doors in my building’s. They will definitely jam you up


in ur builds u can take the follower and place him a bit further…
the other solution i found working is carry a simple iron katana with u
when u get trapped just hard attack and clip through the thrall / pet that is blocking u


Oh shoot! I’d forgotten about this! You are completely right. Katana is a bit of a magic wand, allowing you to pass through friends and enemies at will.


Just kick them, and they move pretty far back.

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Thank you for the tips! I’ll give these methods a try when I’m inevitably in this predicament again.

It’s not often that you’ll be in this scenario (not your own building), but I jumped into a friend’s abode for cover from a sandstorm. They signed back online just moments before I was about to die and ended up knocking out the doorway.

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I’ve experienced this as well. I’ve been lucky enough to weasel my way out somehow but the stress I feel when this happens is strong for me. This could/should be fixed in my opinion. I’ve learned not to go into some buildings in new asagarth while accompanied with a larger pet. I’ve also learned to be quick and careful while looting the chests from some of those highland watchtowers.

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Actually, this happens to me much less now, after an AI upgrade quite a while ago, but is still an issue. I use the workarounds noted above to ‘escape from my friend’.

I’m crossing my fingers that the December release includes some follower AI love.



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In Skyrim, this problem was solved by a mod that allowed a player to ‘shove’ the NPC (like a knockback). Could such a system be added to the “kick” function (a small knockback) so NPCs can be ‘pushed’ out of a doorway? The “kick” function is a default action that every player has (from game start) and no additional animation on the part of the player would be needed. Just a ‘push back’ reaction that other animals currently possess.

It could also make combat that uses the “kick” function a little more useful.


Yes trye to do thet in a cave mr.

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