Followers sometimes break down

  1. have a follower as a guard
  2. then watch them do nothing as you are attacked or get attacked or even as u take damage or the follower takes damage.

need to add better pet controls before they add more pets stuff to game…

follows and pets should be able to be given commands like use blunt weapon, use Damage weapon use Missile weapon on the fly during combat in real time via key commands.

they also need to add commands allow us to do the following

attack - Npc/ area
Fall back
stand ground

as key commands or quick commands they also need ability to use healing potions.

I have watched thralls do nothing even while owners are being hit or even when the thrall is hit.

it also be nice to be able to take army of thralls to raid other players or dungeons speacily for smaller servers who are coop and try to use thralls a way to in cress squad size for boss fights.

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