For everyone worried about lightning storms, there is a counter!

You can cancel the storm by casting the darkness spell.


Requires you to be a sorcerer and have everything you need ready to go at a moments notice. Two of these cheap fast spells can wipe a base out. Trolls number 1 weapon (next to reporting) right now fly up do a storm. Rinse repeat and the first time I saw a bat I laughed at the thought of trying to shoot it down.

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Lightning is waaaay to cheap. I used about 8 storms on a base last night and darn near completely wiped it, and i could have used another 10 if i didnt start feeling guilty. First 3 storms killed about 7 horses and some animals. It goes through perma structures too. It needs to have its building damage disabled until it can be properly tuned, either needs to cost 10x the resources or do 80% less damage to structurea IMO.
Casting darkness is a good way to counter for sure but you gotta literally br sitting in youre base all night waiting for someone to come over, cuz 1-2 lightning casts can very quickly hurt youre base where as bombs and arrows at least took a little bit of time for you to check event log and get back to base before complete ahnialation. Im not sure how the QA team/ lead designer let this get to live but its legit the best and easiest way to raid by far.
Funcom, please tune this spell or disable the building damage for now please.


The fact that the lightning spell is significantly easy to make and can destroy almost an entire base easily is completely boring and unmotivating. I don’t even have to try. I can just show up to someone’s base and just wipe them. BUILDING and GRINDING at this point is useless. What’s the point for this “BATTLE PASS.” At this point I just bought it for no reason if we can’t even build or use any of the textures. If I know I can just get destroyed when raid time comes on. LMAO worst thing yet is they Funcom probably wanted more people to hop on Conan yet the server I was a part of went from 30 plus people to just 10 or less in 2 days. This sorcery update was not thought out. I can’t be on everyday all raid time. I’ll just return to Conan when all this gets situated.


Imagine playing a pvp survival game and complaining about “being prepared”. It’s a perfect counter. Under your premise trebuchets must have been too OP since you had to prepare by adding walls… It’s something new and fun. Learn to deal with the problem and move on. Sorry about my last comment but that is how I feel.

@LordTovek Treb takes 1 hour to build and takes at least a few shots to crack a base. Bat and lightning storm takes 30 seconds/ dirt cheap( less time then a god) so not sure where you are going with this. Also I’m guessing you don’t play pvp because you would have run into this by now and wouldn’t be promoting it.


With PVP its a game of having your sorc in a panic box in the middle of your base with a ton of food and water and resources for making pouches and so closed off not even something like poison bombs can get to them and even in that instance if you can pouch outlast the enemy sorc player all you are doing is casting darkness on lighting on darkness on lighting on darkness. You would just have a sign on a door and call it “sorc panic room”

It sounds silly but that’s your job now as a sorc, stop enemy storms.

Why is this fun, funcom?

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