Spell::::: Thunderstorm is too violent gg bases

We were attacked yesterday by a clan (5) people who have activated thunderstorms on our base and the lightning that has come out have destroyed our whole base. We even got a godbubble on also there the lightning went through and destroyed our 300k HP shrine with a BLitz… Please revise this storm PLEASE


Funcom has already been warned from testlive players about this issue.

There is no counterplay. Once the cast gets through, expect heavy losses. If we at least had a bubble that can be cast, it would be good.

We raided with lightning storms as well. Here is video footage:


1 Strike from a storm summoned from outside the gutter broke Garrison Armourer, Improved Armourer, Tinkers table, Tanners table, heat efficient furnace and 20-30 chests.

Summoned 20-30 foundations away from the spot it broke stuff :joy:


I tested it on a base about 6x6, it broke the workbenches, but only 2 or 3 sandstone ceiling, it’s not accurate at all, anyway my storm did no damage compared to anything What are you saying, when she hits, she doesn’t one shot T3 ^^

ohh man man brauch nicht mehr Vasen Craften nur noch Stürme farmen
wir haben herraus bekommen das man unter Dächer den Sturm nicht Zünden kann aber der rest hat nix mehr mit Conan zu tun

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According to the description, where it his is random.

Watch my video. You will see how it oneshots ~20 foundations at once.

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Give a timestamp please.

ps. Are you sure you aren’t dealing with a hacker? Ive been hearing a lot about them lately.


No, I casted the storms myself.

Plus it was on a private server (Empire CORE PvP)

All this information you could’ve gained yourself by simply watching the video.


Jop, dann noch mit der Abyssal armor rumlaufen und das einzige was du verlieren kannst, ist dein Zauberstab + Pouches + eventuell healing und food.

Neue offi META. Nur noch kleine hidden bases, die genutzt werden um sorcery zu pushen und dann storm zu spammen auf big bases.

English version of my reply

Yep, then run around with the Abyssal armor and the only thing you can lose is your wand + pouches + possibly healing and food.

New offi META. Only small hidden bases, which are used to push sorcery and then to spam storm on big bases.


We don’t all have 21 minutes ^^ private server, I think you have to check your settings

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No, you just have to accept facts. Lightning storm deals high amount of damage if strikes. And pouches are ver easy to farm.

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no thx m8. 20+ bodyvaults on that server alone. think ill keep em. thx 4 loot

your victim mentality is showing

Ice bridge has already been “fixed” so you can’t just stack them infinitely so let’s hope the lighting is next

I ask to see a video on official server, or I will test myself when my server is online, and 6 p.m. xD

@Kornux It does insane damage. We broke a vault with one storm and it’s dirt cheap.

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Okay I’m going to try, on a stable and a small animal enclosure, that one of the two is destroyed, that’s why I doubt… it’s weird

Ok, just tested on solo server, on vault sometimes lightning takes away 1hp and sometimes 100,000

Lightning Storm is already banned on EU private server “Empire Core PvP”.