If you think lightning storm is OP or busted

There are at the very least 30 spots in EL to build that are immune to lightning storm, not including anything smaller than 3x3, ranging from tiny base to large and accommodating for 10man clans.

This isn’t a lightning storm issue, this is a maladaptation issue.

It’s survival. The game changes, change with it, or lose, but it’s on you, not funcom.

A friend of mine recorded a clan getting visibly angry because they were lightning storming his base for over 5 hours and it took no damage because he built in a spot that it couldn’t hit.

IMO, lightning storm is one of the best things to happen to conan, because it negates the “too big to fail” unimaginative plains box bases and similar structures inviable, and provokes thought into base construction and location. It also provides a cheap way to clean up official servers with t1 massive spam and sprawl clans - you know who you are.

The same thing happened when they introduced climbing and trebs, people saying it was the end of building and raiding is too ez now because they couldn’t pull one set of stairs and have an unraidable base


Please share

Here you go buddy

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I’m all for good info but you are exaggerating a bit on the amount of spots that are immune. None of the temples are immune and I can guarantee you that. So with that it makes sense that you are all for the lighting. You are making things up so they won’t nerf your cheap op raiding mechanic. They have already acknowledged that it does to much damage.


Probably, tbh. Some spots I have not tested myself, but am making assumptions based on some tests I have done. By temples, you mean the jungle ones, yeah?

Thank you for the intel and correction

I mean come on


Here ya go man, have a like :slight_smile:
You win the internet argument

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It wasn’t about a argument just if you are going to make claims like that you should test them out at the very least. It would be unfortunate for someone to take your word and find out the hard way it’s not true.


Please always test the data you state here. Otherwise you will just turn into a clown and people will stop believing you.

Best thing is to back up your claims with video footage and/or screenshots.

LS currently goes through meshes and they also strike at random, which means ceilings and other things will not protect you against that.


Everyone on this forum, or any game forum, is a clown :clown_face:

Meanwhile, I will play something else knowing my bases built in those locations are safe from lightning storm :slight_smile:

I’m not invested enough to post videos or screens; you’re welcome to test the areas I listed, though! Those that take what I said and do some of their own testing will be the ones grabbing those base spots on officials and hopefully building them right.

Speaking of, Dave, has your building gotten any better in the past few years? :smiley: We’ve played together!

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Well, their comment on another thread makes a lot more sense now.

the keyhole is extremely vulnerable to lightning, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to hit the entrance. seen it firsthand. lightning will go through the mesh at the crevice and the gutter too, only the center is safe

My base at keyhole took zero damage from LS, and was stormed for hours on end

Same with gutter and crevice, literal zero damage

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I don’t think he is. In fact I think he’s way under-counting! I think there are fewer on Siptah than on EL tho…

Truer words…

What’d I miss?

Yup! Anything with stone over the top seems immune - by my tests as well. Although my tests have been limited to locations with a lot of stone above… like all along the shattered basin and the boundary spillway - etc.

Anyway, I’m not sure it matters if they are going to nerf it. Without the rare but occasional one-hit on T3 blocks and placeables it’s not going to be much different than bombs are currently… maybe a little easier with LS than bombs but that’s a good thing IMO and something I think FC is aiming for (hopefully).

I hope they don’t nerf it though… I like it the way it is currently! Or maybe they already have - I dunno - haven’t tested since 3.0.2… Have any of you?

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I’ve tested and seen first hand. I’d rather not keep going back and forth it’s clear you two like the lighting storm and will say anything to keep it as is. @Anomiaz has hardly tested anything and it’s very obvious when people start questioning him.

Ok so you are saying there are more than 30 immune build spots from the lighting storm… please enlighten me with your secrets or are you just being one of the forum clowns he is referring to?

Can confirm it goes through H6 without issues, same with jungle temples and gutter. Also on siptah cave at 9E LS rips down whole base :slight_smile:

Id say its more about knowing how to use it to make damage, its not like you just whip it out and base gone boom. Its extremely easy but still need to use brains while summoning it.

No, honestly I don’t really give a crap. I like it as it is… AND… I will like it when and if they change it. I won’t like it if they remove it from the game all together but even that, not really a big deal.

Ha! No way! Secrets told, are not secrets! :wink:

But all seriousness aside, I know the maps fairly well, I spend a lot of time in the admin panel flying all around or running the map at 3 to 7x speeds… I even know all the terrain outside the wall in EL. So, given that, I would estimate that there are 50 to 75 legit locations in EL that I assume would be lightning proof. Again though, I don’t think any of this matters much if they remove the one-hit anomaly. LS will further reduce the security of hoarders and so called “alpha clans” but that’s a good thing… a VERY good thing… a FREAKING EXCELLENT thing!

I like games with flat and even playing fields. I’m a Quake III Arena player so I’m very partial to games without levels, classes, special gear, or pay to win nonsense. CE isn’t too bad because pretty much everyone is (or can be) on the same level with the same weapons and gear within about 100 hours of play - 200 for the clueless. This is one of the reasons I like CE more than other games. Unfortunately CE is currently suffering (financially) from the low vertical ceiling and needs to flatten it out - which is what they seem to be trying to do with some of new features - cosmetic and gameplay. But I do digress…

you must have got lucky

I have raided all the cave bases with lightning, it meshes through just gotta keep moving around. Also raided underwater vaults with it. Its broken.

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