For some of you, be thankful the servers are at default settings (mostly)

After a few adjustments:
The days and nights are much longer.
The maelstrom comes usually once in the day and once in the night.
Fear the night.
Dread the day.
The maelstrom is more intense, longer and more dangerous …
I give you a view of the battlefield of blood.
The Aftermath

Yeah, it’s a private server.


The thing i enjoy the most in the photo is that i see no thrall!
Once, even to make just half of it was a suicide mission. Now going alone it’s the best option!
I am sorry for the off topic now, but one thing only remains in Siptah…

Give us the midnight alchemy potion without rng. Allow us to change attributes as much as we wish.

@Vahlok, i wish you were PlayStation player, i love your builds and your gaming style, i would be honored to play with you :+1:t6:

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Thank you.
I am honored to be able to give inspiration.
Good luck to you.

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