For the love of Crom

Funcom, can you PLEASE create a training structure for thralls to allow us some sort of input in thrall perks. I am BEYOND annoyed with the amount of archer perks fighter thralls get. This has been brought up countless times, discussed and pleaded by the community over and over and over and over and over and over.

Just make some sort of training facility structure which requires a crafter thrall and some other sort of ingredient input, whether it be special food, gold coins or whatever to provide some sort of thrall perk influence or input from players.

Maybe even create a new type of crafter thrall and call it a Commander or Captain or Man at Arms or something with Tier 1 through Named efficiency. Named offering an increased chance of desired perk choices.

When a combat thrall has reached level 10-14, 15-19 and of course level 20, when you can place it in this structure for training which can take time depending on level of the crafter thrall. Once that time is completed, you are given a choice between 3 perks the training thrall has shown expertise in. That way WE the players at least have some sort of input in thrall development instead of this Crom awful RNG which in my opinion has proven to be more annoying than entertaining.

Thank you and may the Four Winds keep you cool.


Some variation of this is an often requested change…

This is just a vague memory.

But I seem to recall that the technical reason for the issue is both fighter and archer thralls share the same perk pool.

And I believe a separation into specific perk pools was mentioned during a Dev stream.
Hopefully something will be done at some point.


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