Forced to rename my char

Hello so I’ve had the name DarDanus since beta and I’ve had no issues till now, today I log on to1942 server today I was forced to rename my Char. down below is proof name is real not trolling

  • Dardanus, son of Zeus and Electra, and founder of the city of Dardania, of the tribe of Dardans.[1]
  • Dardanus, a Scythian king, and the father of Idaea, the wife of King Phineus.[2]
  • Dardanus, a Trojan warrior who defended the city of Ilium during the city’s 10-year siege. He was the son of Bias, son of King Priam,[3] and brother of Laogonus.[4] Dardanus and his brother were slain by the hero Achilles during the battle. The latter thrust them both from their chariot to the ground, smiting the one with a cast of his spear and the other with his sword in close fight.[5]

Somebody must’ve taken offence to the last 4 digits of your name :grin:


Forced to change your name …
Sounds like you’re on a privately run server …
and some incomprehensibly uneducated, woke, hyper-liberal cancel culture schnook took offense of the name you chose to use apparently.
I would not soil myself to grace that server any longer with my name.
If it’s on an official server (which I doubt) … you could probably appeal it.

There are others with truly offensive names who should be sent into the void … forever.
I pity your predicament.


One could argue that they got a bit an@l over it!


nope funcom server

Now that you mention it, I’m betting that really is the source of the problem. We’ve had a decade of incredibly thin skinned people going through all kinds of mental gymnastics to take offense at literally anything and everything, (usually on behalf of someone else who actually isn’t offended) so it wouldn’t be a surprise at all. To top it off, I doubt many people know of Dardanus in any historical context, so it’s somewhat understandable why someone might get the wrong impression of the name.


This is just another theatre of the real PvP game, the report game.

Only two moving parts are required.
Someone to file some spurious report, and someone to act on it.



True enough. Malicious intent could easily be a factor, at least for the initial act of reporting. The “person to act on it” stage is where the buffer is supposed to be, but if that person is ignorant of the context then they’re just that much more likely to err on the side of the offended.

And it wasn’t even Uranus.

I can see a lot of problems for people with Greek or Latin names if trolls want to have some fun. Of course, the English-speaking world tends to bastardize those names by dropping the ending -us or -os from many names, so analphabets* don’t even realize how those names are originally spelled.

Priamos, the king of Troy, is known to the English-speaking world as Priam. Vergilius is known as Virgil. Horatius is known as Horace. Etc.

*See why I chose to use this word instead of “illiterate”?


What a shame funcom is really gonna crack down on that?

Our last clan name was Tears of Uranus :rofl:

if you can’t take clever joke wordplay you don’t have the sensibility to be playing an adult game like conan exiles, why not go back to school and run and tell teacher that people are having too much fun, fun isn’t allowed with funcom.

I absolutely cackled, thank you for the morning laugh!

There’s a difference between clever wordplay and dumb, juvenile humor though. I’ve seen one too many “Big B00bie Qweens” and the like to last a lifetime on this game. :roll_eyes:

Well, if this name wouldn’t had an English way to be called and kept the original pronounce you wouldn’t had a problem. Melina Mercoury didn’t just asked the marbles of Parthenon to return to their home land, but to correct the defiled ancient Greek names from the English language (and not only) . The correct pronounce is Δαρδανος-Tharthanos. Use it this way brother because this is the correct name of this ancient demigod. And know this, all the male names in Greece that ended with υς the υ is pronounced as f not u.
In case of Achilles, the correct pronounce is (formal) Αχιλευς-Ahilephs and the friends & Family was calling him Αχιλλέα-Ahillea. Every Greek name has a formal way and a friendly way to be pronounced.


This is utterly fascinating. Thank you.

On topic, I wasn’t even aware that renaming could be done through an admin. Sounds like someone just wanted to complain.


Me neither :smiley:. Hopefully my toon is named Bella since forever and it’s a name that cannot harm or be harmed.

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That sounds rough, getting your handle yanked because it ends with the name of a body part. Care to disclose what you chose as a replacement?

Probably couldn’t use “Riddick.”


Please note that it’s still supposition and not proven. Have you submitted a Zendesk over it for clarification with the concern that if it’s offensive, what part and therefore not do it again when renaming your toon?

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actually your wrong friend, yes if I was Greek I would use the “os” people that are descendant from Dardanians use the “us” but yes I guess I could of used the “os”

The plural of Tharthanios is Tharthanioi!

Imagine Thor to be called Bor on another language.
Imagine Zoro to be called Boro.
Imagine Conan to be called Ronan.
Why you accept Tharthanios to be called Dardanius?
No matter if you are Greek or not, this is his name and this is how it’s pronounced. We do not accept wrong just because we found it wrong, this keeps earth flat my friend. So in this? No i am not wrong.


you are wrong because you using how anicent Greeks spelled it when it wasn’t a Greek name