Forum layout broken

Did @AndyB break the forums again? :joy: or was the Xbox sent to its corner away from the rest on purpose for misbehaving? :confused:

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One of these days I would love to actually see the stats of all the systems and who is playing what. It would be interesting to see where each of the systems sit as far as the others. But I can see this being used in a flame war so understand why they don’t.

Don’t you love it when it’s not just you :grin:

They are always on the bottom for me since I am using the mobile version :joy_cat:

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I mean, it’s not necessarily bad :smiley: it’s just that up to now they were all in a single line haha
Maybe we should tag the whole @Community in as I was just joking with the Andy tag (if I remember correctly he was the one who made some “Apologies for messing with the forum” post a while back after 3.0 launch :slight_smile: )

You can sometimes see him working on it in realtime, stuff starts jittering when he makes adjustments. If its happening again, just let him finish. He’ll get it worked out. Usually by the end of the day.



Poking Andy to see if he was poking around and left something weird behind :poop:


The Xbox section served its punishment in isolation and by the power of sorcery it once more rejoined the rest of the categories :slight_smile:

They all went on their post-holiday diet though and decided to slim down to fit on the page better :slight_smile:

I realize it’s being actively worked on now haha just taking pictures :slight_smile:


(j/k, we love you Andy)


Not seeing that, but I am getting backgrounds jumping around myself, and the UI is all squared now. While we are at tagging in @AndyB, could he perhaps answer another query I had about the forum from December:

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