Four clans are one

Dear Conan admins, and players !

I would like to answer a big question.
We are playing on PS4 on official server #3037, and we have a problem with the other players.
There are 4 clans in the server but they absolutly play together and attack the other clans. It defenetly not a problem still BUT, there is a one man clan in the group who built around every obelisk vaults, and every time we would like to use the obelisks, one of the groups members wait us there, and we lost all of our loot.
We want to play this game but if only this way we can we gonna leave the game! :frowning:

Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

Norbert (balazsnor)

I suggest you move to another server. I understand it is not the answer you want, but cooperation is not against the rules.

This is yet another reason I prefer PVE for this type of game.


@balazsnor gather the evidence you have. You’ll need to DM Funcom staff with the evidence. Since you are new, you’ll need to read the pinned posts at the top of the discussions.

Have some patience over the weekend.


That’s right, as Dzonatas has said, here is the post.

:thinking: I wonder then…
:point_right: Why there is a clan size limit in every server?
:point_right: What is the purpose of the clan size limit if not to avoid this kind of abuse?
:man_shrugging: Futhermore blocking obelisks is punishable.

:white_check_mark: @balazsnor send a report, what they are doing is an abuse.

Allies and working together is not illegal, nor against the rules.

But Im sure this will change in time too, if people keep voicing displeasure about it.

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Not illegal, just weak.

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It would sadden me greatly if co-operation and teamwork were somehow limited to clan members only. Everyone should be allowed to help others whenever they want.

(Of course, this does have the flipside that some people band together in order to bully those weaker than themselves. Some call that strategy, others call it cowardice, both may be true.)


This is perfectly legit. There isn’t any reason why 4 or more clans can’t band together and its not even a weak tactic. People and nations have been banding together and making truces since the dawn of time.

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That’s the price for playing in a PvP server: people will do whatever they can to get your loot. Maybe you can try:
1- Don’t travel through obelisks
2- Do the same: stay in the obelisks and wait to kill them and get their loot
3- Try a PvE server

It may be against the rules, not sure, maybe you can try to send a report.

There are advantages and disadvantages to clans vs an alliance, both valid social contracts. In a clan, you have a lower thrall cap (whenever they actually implement it) but your thralls don’t fight the members. 4 clans working together still have aggro thrall issues, as well as needing to maintain 4 times as much landclaim by logging in. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that approach.

Now the obelisk thing I’m of two minds on. If it’s a rule now, then it’s a rule and that’s that. But honestly, resource blocking has never bothered me as an idea. Part of conquering is controlling resources. If there were “obelisks” in the real world, you can bet your bottom that countries would fight for control of such things and would have hardened military installations around each one.

This is why i say that PVP should be no clans…It removes Uber thralls, as yes, you could allie, but your OP thrall will kill anyone not you…very hard to coordinate while raiding with non clan mates.

It would also put the burden of opening and closing obbs on the one person who built around them, thus obbie is closed even to friends when they are offline.

would also reduce claim spam, as if allies want to build next to one another, they would not be able to spam sandstone foundations for treb blocking, and would also not be able to over spam block because it may interfere with friends building areas.

Yes, if a player left for over 1 week for vacation or RL stuff, they would not have anyone to refresh their base(s). But a friend could store the important stuff until you got back and could rebuild, or they could just set off 1 bomb to reset your timer for you…(nice little cheesy way :wink: )

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