Free DLC for your loyal customers?

Not sure if it has been suggested before but, how about a free DLC for us persisting as loyal customers during a less than desirable experience?

I work in a customer based supply role myself and giving something for free to retain repeat customers long term far outweighs just trying to sell more more stuff to maintain short term profitability.

If you make enough people happy, your company might even last another 25 years :wink:


I agree that Free DLCs are a good tool to keep a customer base happy. New content used to just be a given in games, now everything has to be milked. When you get a little something that they aren’t trying to nickel and dime you on it feels refreshing.

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You monster’s how could you even suggest such a thing, how can a small developer possibly stay in business and pay their bills, if they don’t nickel and dime us.


No Man’s Sky was the bad nightmare that became a highly inspirational story for developers!

So many updates now even going way beyond the original plan and all for free. And because of that dedication they now release on xbox for a second shot at profit and this time, it’s actually well deserved.

Setting a great example for those whose release doesn’t go so well… hint hint




there was already some free dlc giveaway for people that tested the mega patch on the testlive.
also there is a pet system planned which should be as good as a free dlc when it releases :wink:


I want free mini skirts for my thralls.


True story bro, I’m a tenor but at that age I soloed the “cold jelly and custard!” part.

Also, lol. :smiley:

Back to class Catholic School Uniforms DLC coming in September!


Oh man! I’d pay for that one.

Awesome :yum:

I still want a whip and ball gag for mine.

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Sexiles mod has them, but yes, it would be another nicety for vanilla lol.

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Looking forward to the pet system for sure but we all get that for free anyway… which is great, however, a grander gesture would be to offer something for free that previously wasn’t free :slight_smile:

Don’t tell me you used a game with 2 paid content DLCs and a higher base cost to say we should have a free DLC because they finally make one :joy:

I’m sure I can find some examples that are more appropriate but that only took like 30 seconds.

And we have 1 $10 dlc already, how many more should we buy before we have a finished game?

just hope they won’t be forgeting us when the time has come.
has anyone of you guys received any kind of aknowledgement for your participation to the “call to arms” event?

Content DLC != Cosmetic DLC.

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I’m not sure I’m getting your point.

Are they making us pay for the new map expansion, new religion and pet system they have planned? If not does that count?