Freeing extra thralls

All of us have some extra crafting thralls of low tiers whom we don’t need anymore. I keep them in a chest because I just can’t throw them out. Developers, couldn’t you just add some animation for throwing out thralls and pets? Not this terrible sack but men/women/animals fleeing away into freedom? Just for fun, just animation without any spawning etc.

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I keep them in a chest hidden near a mountain I life, in case I get raided and the Raiders throw my Thralls in the garbage or steal them.


Oh, freeing your neighbor’s thralls could be another excuse for raiding him :wink:

I give my extra crafting thralls to new players, but I still have a fairly big stockpile in a chest (mostly as backups for when an update randomly deletes existing ones).

Could have some serious Daenerys-style logic going though: “Your masters were evil men and I killed them (and their children) for it. You’re now free to serve me. I am so good! /polishes halo”.

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