Freeze the grid reference on maps

I agree many times I ask for map coordinates and they send screen shots that don’t do much good.

Also, all the coordinates that you guys have on pc that are used in the wiki are completely useless to those of us on consoles. There are no coordinates anywhere on the console map. Just the grid marks.

There sure are Crom…
You are using right stick to scroll the map?
Took me ages to work that one out…

Yes I am. The right stick moves the map around, the left stick moves the cursor. Where do I see these coordinates? Even zoomed all the way in, there’s no numberes anywhere.

From what I’ve seen on YouTube, you should get x/y coordinates pop up next to the cursor, like the names of discovered locations. I’ve never seen any numbered coordinates anywhere in my game. Ever.

Can you please explain how to locate them on xbox?

Hang on, I’m realising your not talking about the grid references at the top and sides?
If so then yes, a proper coordinate system that is ‘pixel’ accurate is lacking and would be good…

First of all, your post sounds a bit harsh to me, but in order to calm you down, we “GUYS on pc” also have no coordinates on the map like you “GUYS”. Yes you read right, we just have the grid marks like you do.

But that DOESNT mean, the coordinates in the wiki are “completely useless” just because you don’t know how to use them. :wink:

But to clarify that.
On PC we have two options to make such coordinates possible.(not many know that)

  • We can open the Map and than pressing SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+L as an admin command to see such “Teleport Coordinates X,Y,Z” but only for the point we’re on right now. By using CTRL+C we can copy that coords and with CTRL+V we can paste it into a Bug report, Admin report, Wiki or wherever. That is also how these wiki coordinates are coming from.
    As an Admin you can simply copy these line into the “Admin console” and teleport right to that spot. Thats all. So you see, no real super duper intuitive compass here for pc players like you thought.

  • The second way to get such coordinates is by using the admin console command and Chat command “ToggleDebugHud” and you get those coords in the lower left corner of the screen. As a little trick you can use this command in the game settings. So for example, i bound it on Numpad key 5 to easy toggle it ON and OFF.

So how can we all use such coordinates if we are not admins or playing in single player ?

There are amazing Modders out there who make some custom Conan Maps and using exactly these coordinates to get shown via Mouseover on their Map. Like for example. (Regards to Mendrak at this point)

So i dont know nothing about consoles nowadays, because my last console was the atari vcs 2600 back in the beginning of the 80’s, and how all this information above can help you with your problem and the usage of the shown coordinates at the Wiki, because i dont know if you have admin console access and if your limited buttons allowes you some SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+L commands or if the chat command ToggleDebugHud works with consoles. But maybe it can help you to figure out how to use these coords.

But long story short.
As you see, these bad PC players have the same problem like you consolero guys, but you are absolutley right, saying that Funcom can improve their ingame map with coordinates on all platforms.



20 years in IT, and I’d never seen/heard of the “STRG” key before. Google indicates it’s the same as the CTRL (control) key for those with English keyboards. (Learn something new every day!)

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Control… Strangle… Same differe-- I mean what?

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Opps ! yeah … Konrad Zuse (1939) called it Steuerung (STRG) but to make it more international they changed it later to Control (CTRL) … which means the same in english. My fault i allways make this mistake in international forums and edited it allready. :blush:

Thx m8

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A few things I feel need to be said here…

  • First of all I apologize as it seems I offended you there. I can get cranky sometimes, hence why I chose my screen name. I had literally just spent the better part if a day trying to find a specific location, because the wiki only has the x/y coordinates and those aren’t helpful. Had to find a YouTube video eventually, and watch 15 minutes of pointless footage until I got to the part that actually helped. This seems to happen a lot and it gets quite frustrating.

  • Second, starting your post by quoting and insulting me before dropping all that info comes off as pretty condescending. Especially when you completely ignored the compliment I directly addressed to you in the other thread where this came up, and instead posted this here and linked to it from there. I had to rewrite this response a few times so it wouldn’t be too salty and combative, given your actions here. If you think the glib remark I made in this thread initially was harsh, then you don’t want to know what my 1st draft of this one was like.

And why are you making a big deal about me using the word guys? It’s an unbiased common term that’s considered gender-neutral in this type of context. Not sure what point you’re trying to make by pointing it out like that.

I also never called pc players “bad” so please don’t put words in my mouth and accuse me of saying something I never did.

  • Third, I was unaware the coordinates are from admin commands. I’ve seen videos where they just appear on the map, and that’s what I was thinking of. Could’ve been an admin, could’ve been using a mod.

Either way, by your own admission here the x/y coordinates on the wiki are not available to a lot of players, and are therefore in fact useless to those players.
So while I appreciate the detailed directions on how to use the admin console for this, it still doesn’t address the actual point I was making.

There are no mods on consoles. This doesn’t help. I can’t speak for pc but from my understanding there are no mods on official servers as well. Bringing this up in response to my post only helps a fraction of the community, and again doesn’t actually address the issue I mentioned.

Putting the double negative aside, I think what you mean is you don’t know anything about current consoles… ? Well then it might not be the best idea to be so flippant with your response to a legitimate gripe. Maybe do some research and educate yourself before whining about people being harsh, and saying I should calm down. Or just simply be nicer about it. I made an offhand remark, and you entered the thread by attacking me.

So all this brings me to an obvious question for you…

Since you already know that these x/y coordinates aren’t even available to a lot of players, and require admin privileges or a mod to access, why then are they the ONLY way of locating anything on the wiki?!?

This seems like an asinine decision that you’re choosing to defend, instead of addressing the problem and rectifying it. Let me repost my request from the other thread here so you can see it again, and maybe actually read it this time…

I don’t feel this is an unreasonable request. I didn’t say update everything immediately. I said going forward.

I also didn’t request pics of the map with the corresponding locations circled. That would be much more helpful. But that’s also a lot of work so I wasn’t going to suggest it. Seems like it should be an obvious addition to me, but here we are debating the listed x/y coordinates instead.

The wiki should be helpful to all players. That is not currently the case when it comes to locating places. I guess only admins and modders get that privilege.

There’s a lot about the wiki in its current state that I could complain about, but I won’t. This however is the definitely the thing that irritates me the most. At this point I’ve basically become accustomed to looking elsewhere for help when I need to find out where something is. That’s not a good situation. It should be my 1st and only stop.

Could Funcom improve the in-game map to be easier to navigate? Yes.
Will it be? Judging from what I’ve seen them do since I got the game I’d say it will probably be improved eventually, but I doubt it’s a high priority right now.
Could the wiki be improved to make locating places easier? Yes. (A lot)
Will it be? Well, that’s up to you “guys” who run and contribute to the wiki. (Would you rather me say “you people”? Come on now.)

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I don’t think Bowen is from the USA or even a country where English is the native tongue (see Ctrl vs Strg keys). As such, he may not be familiar with “guys” being used as an informal, gender-neutral colloquialism similar to “y’all”…

As far as the map-grid coordinates vs. the X/Y coordinates, I think it would be handy to have both. However, it’s possible that those figures are data-mined (rather than manually added), which might mean the template that outputs them may need some re-coding to derive the grid coordinates from the X/Y values. If that’s not how they are done though, then that represents a LOT of manual edits to the wiki.

Personally, I think a good first step would be to update the maps on the wiki with the new graphic that has the grid coordinates.

Hi @Mr.Crom

As Larathiel rightly suspects, English is not my mother tongue. That’s why I can’t answer every single sentence you wrote now, because I’ll probably sit here for days to translate. (edit: okay i did it within 3 hours :see_no_evil:)

So first of all, if you got insulted by my introductory two sentences in the other post, then that was absolutely not intended and i have to say sorry for this.

What i was intended to say.
You sounded a bit cranky about the pc players have things the console players doesnt.
And that is just wrong. So for the lack of your informations here, i pointed out that we dont.
We have the same situation like you do.

I dont know if the " i can calm you down here " was insulting you, because of the meaning in your country, but my translator told me … But I can calm you down / But I can reassure you / But i can comfort you … is the right translation.

So my meaning in the other post was: You are cranky about pc players have something you dont have … i can calm you down … i can help you out … by clarify that … explanations followes (also with a winking smiley). That was just the introduce to the explaination that followed.

So again if you get insulted by that, that wasnt my intention. To explain something above and translate it , it can take me an hour and more. And trust me, i dont spend an hour+ to insulting someone who i dont even know. Yeah i know that sounds wrong too and doesnt mean i spend an hour to insult someone i know. :smiley:

So please take your fists down and read my post again without feeling attacked. This post above was intended to be an user manual just for you to explain how to use these coords. Took me quite a while with all the translation, pics and stuff. (all this work just to insult you ? Nah i dont think so !)

And a short back to topic: (seperated with lines exactly like in the post above)

1st) I explained how to get those coordinates, and that is what not many people knows and not how to use them. (maybe I’m not expressing myself clearly.)

2nd) Than i explained how to use these “completely useless coordinates” with , for example, this map like all other players do, to clear this up for you. And you dont need a mod for this and surely can be used by console players too. But still you say its useless. (maybe I’m not expressing myself clearly and someone can explain it better to you. Or you didnt read or understand my typing, iam sorry for this.)

3rd) I pointed out that i dont know anything about consoles, so i dont know if point 1 with all the admin thingy is helpfull for console players like you. But point 2 (how to use these coords) surely does and has nothing todo with that. But telling me to do some research and educate myself while i trying to explain you how to use these wiki coordinates even on consoles sounds a bit wierd to me, especially when you are the one who has to do some research and educate yourself before whining about pc players have everything and consoleros nothing, what is truely wrong as explained many times now… But forget about this, it came out in rage, i guess. So we better let it go. :handshake:

So i hope you understand what i mean and you are able to work with the coordinates at the wiki too now.


P.S.: And yes, we put these x,y coodinates by manual editing into the wiki, so a lot of work and just 3% is allready with these coordinates. No datamining or anything. So if you want to add some Gridcodes, feel free to do so. The Wiki is free to everyone and we are happy about any support that makes it more comfortable. But i also dont know if the grid as code really helps, because one single grid is really big.
Normaly we only do … you can find x in the northeast of y or right into z. The Teleport XYZ was just an additional we are started with by manual editing.

P.P.S: And about these Exiles Camp 24 map-grid request at the other thread.
I even changed the map for them and added unofficial tent symbols to make them easier to find, months ago.
In additional, if you go to the linked camps like Exiles Camp 24, even a minimap is included to show where exactly that location is.

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I was insulted that you ignored the compliment I paid you, and instead created a post in a different thread which you started by specifically calling me out in a negative way. It was your actions, not your words that upset me.

Maybe that was unintentional. Whatever. We’ll drop it and move on. I’ll chalk it up to a miscommunication from a language barrier.

Thats cool, and I said I appreciate that.

But again, you need an admin command (or a mod) to get them, per your instructions, which a lot of players don’t have access to. Don’t I need admin privelages on the server I’m on to use admin commands? It’s hard for me to test that since I can’t type any admin commands with a controller as far as i know.

As a console player on a server that I don’t own, I have no way of following your instructions to see the coordinates in-game. I don’t even have a usb keyboard to hook up to my xbox to try it in singleplayer. Not many console players actually have keyboards attached to their systems. I’m also not sure if Funcom has even added keyboard support to the console versions yet.

Yes, it’s an omission on Funcom’s part to only make the coordinates available this way in-game. The fact that everyone can’t get them, and the fact even less people know how to get them (as you pointed out), makes me again question why they’re the only way of locating things on the wiki…? It just seems like a big oversight that could’ve easily been prevented.

If not many people know how to get them, why are they the only way of finding things?

That external map you linked to is EXTREMELY hard to use on mobile. At least on firefox for android. I know there are one or two other similar sites, but they’re surprisingly difficult to find without spending way too long googling.

The point I’m trying to get across here is that a wiki is supposed to be a one-stop-shop. In other words, I should not have to go searching for another site to use the info it gives me. I should be able to go to the wiki, get whatever info I’m looking for quickly, and then go straight back to the game.
That’s what a wiki is for.

Telling me to use another site to make sense of the location info given on the wiki, defeats the whole purpose of going to the wiki in the first place. I might as well just go straight to that other site and forget the wiki entirely.

That’s quite a lot of work for something that doesn’t benefit everyone. So as I requested, please also add the grid marks when you add the coordinates on future entries/edits. These are available in-game, and are completely self explanatory to new players to use without needing to know about an admin command.
A few extra keystrokes is all that’s needed to makes things so much easier for a lot of players.

If I had the time I would. Barely have enough time to help people out on here when I’m able to.

It would help a lot of people i believe. At the very least, it would give you a place to start looking when you’re not able, or don’t know how, to use the x/y coordinates.
For example, the original topic of this thread was about those gridmarks, not the x/y coordinates. I didn’t realize that when I posted originally.

(I feel I owe an apology to OP at this point for accidentally steering the thread in another direction. Sorry.)

This is literally the first time I’ve seen this map on the wiki. In the 5 months I’ve been using the wiki, I’ve never come across this map. I think pretty much every page should link to it somewhere as it would be very helpful. Perhaps consider making the coordinates in the location sections actually link to the corresponding space on the map. It might have prevented this whole discussion between us if this map was more prominent on the wiki.

I looked at all 24 of the exiles camps after you said you updated them in the other thread. Camp 24 is the only one I see a minimap on. At the moment I only see pics of the camps themselves, no maps. So some I can locate by memory from what they look like, and some I have no clue where they are.

If maps like these were on every page it would completely solve the problem. That’s a ton of work tho, so like I said I wouldn’t actually ask that of anyone to do voluntarily.

In the case of the exile camps, a minimap of the whole river section with all the different camps labeled, visible on the main page that lists them all, would be very helpful.

Here’s one that I made, that I’m ok with being added to the wiki or wherever:


I haven’t really understood yet what’s missing…

Map (with all exile camps):

List of POI and Camps and …:

Detailed informations (example) with Map:


@Testerle Main thing that’s missing is the map graphic itself is out-of-date and lacking the grid and reference letters/numbers. If it could be updated with the new graphic, that would probably help.

@Mr.Crom Not that some of your suggestions aren’t good ideas, but you do realize that the people who maintain the wiki are unpaid community members and not Funcom employees right? They aren’t part of some professional QA team responsible for testing functionality across 3 different platforms plus mobile. I ask because the tone of your posts comes across to me as an angry customer dressing down a customer service rep. It’s the sort of tone that makes me very apprehensive about wanting to start contributing myself esp. knowing how much time and effort goes into such an endeavor. :-\

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Perfect! Looking forward to seeing the new Purge map after the update drops. :slight_smile:

Speaking of which, I’d love to see a version of it where we can toggle the various Purge type bounding boxes on/off so we can view all the types that overlap with any given area. However, I must confess that I have no idea as to what sort of work that would entail.

All I’m really suggesting is that future entries or edits also contain the grid marks on the maps. If the page is already being worked on, please add that info as well. Is that an unreasonable thing to ask?

Everything else I posted are just lengthy reasons for that. I do feel like I’m talking in circles here trying to explain why at this point, so I guess that’s coming off as combative.

My first post in the thread was an offhand remark I made in frustration. It was just a complaint with no suggestion. Not denying that and I did apologize for it.

The 2nd was specifically in response to what felt like I was being called out, and that was kinda insulting. So yes, I could definitely see what you’re saying there. If you told someone “thank you, good work”, and they ignored that and called you out in a different thread then posted a link to that instead, how would you respond?

In that last post I tried to drop that issue. I still felt like I needed to further explain my original suggestion from the other thread however, in response to specific points that were brought up here. In trying to be as clear as possible, it got rather long again.

So yes I realize the wiki is run on a volunteer basis. And yes if I could, I would certainly contribute. Once again, I’m sorry if anything I’ve said here has offended anyone, as that’s not my intention.

And as I’ve said before when it was ignored…

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