Freind unable to rejoin our game

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Ok so I’ve brought up this subject before but the original post was closed. My friend and I created our own private game/world, I hosted, we played for about 2 weeks before taking a break for about 1, when we returned and I loaded up the game everything was fine but my friend was unable to rejoin and every time she tried it would take 6 to 10 minutes to load there character floating midair and then immediately load them back into the main menu with a message saying something like an error acured. Both of our connection are always stable and when she tried hosting it would put us into a brand new world and we’d both loose all of the progress we made in our original world. This has continued since we first played and there have been 3 updates since with no fix for this game breaking bug.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hi @Ace298, can your friend connect to other online servers?

Can you ensure her console is on a wired connection, as well as yours?

Where is the last place she logged out from?
Is there a high amount of buildings, placeables, thralls and/or light sources in that area?

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