Friend unable to rejoin private game

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Me and my friend decided to create a co-op world with me hosting and we played together for probably a week without any issues but now a couple of weeks later my friend can’t rejoin, I’ve tried inviting in game and through xbox and they’ve tried to join my game but every time we try they keep getting an error message telling them they unable to join seesion. We tried again after the games latest update but it still doesn’t allow them to rejoin which sucks since we created a new game to play together, so now I’m just wondering if there’s any kind of fix for this that doesn’t include deleting our current characters/world.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @Ace298, thank you for getting in touch!

Have you tried to have your friend hosting and joining his game to see if you’re able to establish connection?

Are you able to connect to any official server?

Could you ensure that both of you have your consoles on a wired connection?

My friend cannot establish a connection to my hosted game and if I were to connect to there hosted game none of our progress/buildings would carry over so we’d be starting again.

My can in no way establish a connection to the game or world they previously inhabited even if they host.

Please run the requested tests in our previous reply as they can help us determine any potential issues, we’re not offering them as a solution to the reported problem.

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