French Localization : New Thrall GUI and more

Game mode: [Single-player/Any ?]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: -
Mods: [None]
Region: [France]

Hello !

Thralls have recovered their colorful names. Thank you !
But here are some new tasks for your spellchekker team :slight_smile: :

In the new Thrall Info Stats GUI :

  • Strength and Accuracy bonus descriptions are too long and the bonus in question is hidden.
  • “Perks” incorrectly translated by “Atours” (Finery ?) instead of “Atouts”

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If you don’t mind, I will post other errors concerning the French localization here:

1. NPCs :

  • Seeker Ophelia (Relic_Hunter_Treasureseeker_Boss7) : translated by “Chercheuse Ophélia”.
    He always spawns as a male. “Chercheur Ophélia” may be a better choice.

    Or due to the name “Ophelia”, this NPC should always spawn as a woman.

2. Resource :

  • Horn (18051) - The horn of a beast : Translated by “Cor” instead of “Corne” (and to fit the short description : “Corne d’animal”)

3. Gear :

  • Black Blood Skinning Knife (51615) : Same name and short description in french as the Black Blood Pick. “Pioche de sang noir” instead of “Couteau à dépouiller de sang noir”
  • Star Metal Bow (51586) : tag error for the long description quote.
    The quote ended with </> instead of < /span>.
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Hey @Sundown

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll poke our #spellchekker team dans les yeux so they can correct these typos.


Thanks @Ignasi.
Stay still in the standards of a duel courtois :wink:

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