Friend has MASSIVE Lag only on Official Servers

I’m really confused how to identify this problem, and was curious if anyone in the community had knowledge of this problem.

My friend has a really strong and stable internet connection, but for whatever reason he lags massively only while on Official Servers. He can join private servers and hardly lag, but when on officials it’s nuts.

I also logged in to the same official as him, and I was doing completely fine (zero lag), does anyone know why it would effect him?

I have the same problem, got massive lags after patch 2.7. 1FPS inside my base lol

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I had it for a day or two. Seems to be gone now tho. It wasn’t 1fps but just super laggy, lots of micro rubberbanding, and just generally acting like the server was bogged down terribly - even though there were only 3 or 4 players on.

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