Frost Giant just got Archer perk

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Well, my Frost Giant pet just got his first perk, and now its Archer. +3 Accuracy. And I think, that they should not recieve any archer skills now.

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  1. Spend days farming Frozen Giant.
  2. Spend hours getting him to level 10.
  3. Get archery skill for melee pet.
  4. Get frustrated…

That’s because Frost Giants currently use Thrall perks. Funcom made a FrostGiant perk list but forgot to make Frost Giants actually use it. It will probably be fixed in the next patch.


Hey @Reflection

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ve sent note to our team about this issue so they can look into it.


i think its been reported already , soon after the leveling system got in place. XD

I also have two Cimmerian Berserkers that have managed to snag the archery perks. I mean - I suppose that a berserker could use a bow. But, that seems like that might be extremely difficult considering that they are going berserk. shrug

Are the archery perks only intended for the archer thrall types?

All thralls pull from the same perk list, regardless class, faction, tier, etc.

Hey @Ignasis,

Thanks for a quick response. I have some kind of rhetorical question, but maybe you will find time to answer.
From your experience, is there any chance that my thrall will reset that skill if you guys gonna fix that issue in the future, or should I start my giant hunting process all over?

Yeah…excellent. But I think here its says otherwise. PC 30/01/20 Patch Notes:

Hi guys,

you have exactly the same thing with bears… gaining accuracy during their training.
A company of Bear Riflemen could be fine.

maybe that’s a chance for crossbows to make big comeback… I already imagine my pictish base with savage crossbow wielding bears on battlements

Yesss… like I said, Funcom made a FrostGiant perk list but forgot to make Frost Giants actually use it.

With the follower leveling update, Frost Giants used thrall perks. It didn’t make sense, so they added a FrostGiant perk list which did not have useless accuracy perks and they included that patch note. However, the new perk list was not implemented properly and Frost Giants still use the thrall perks.

The new perk list without accuracy perks exists; the giants don’t use it.

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I’ve got a horn in the cabinet. Been waiting to use it until I see that Frost Giants Bodyguards are fixed to my satisfaction. Thanks for the thread guys and gals.

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