Froze/lost items

Game mode: Singleplayer/co-op
Problem: lost items and decay
Region: [USA]

During game play my game froze, I restart and find my self up north, i had yet to travel up in that area spawned near aqueduct, so i made my way back south to my base near sand swept ruins
and my base was decaying the whole top floor of my house was gone no bed, some of my items like pain wheel can’t use and shrine they state no owner and i can’t destroy them yes i was pissed started started to rebuild logged in the next day and my supplies and a few builds are gone smelting/carpeting/craft stations so on, someone please tell me what happened also all journey reset.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I am having the same problem with progress not being saved and items being deleted. A couple days ago I logged on and my entire base was gone. I have been building this base since I started playing. I figured it was just a glitch and rebuilt it. Since then every time I log on some progress has not been saved and items are missing. Sometimes an entire structure is gone and sometimes it is just a crafting station or thrall. Tonight I logged on and my structure is completely empty and again my progress has not been saved. I have destroyed the abyssal remnant 3 times now because it is not saving my progress. I am playing on single player offline so I really can’t think of any explanation for this but it is pretty frustrating. Please help!

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So no reply from Funcom yet, and i had to remake my base.
And still some structures keep stating no owner and can’t be demolished.

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