Full Green Dye very different

I agree that it looks more like the dye bottle. I just really prefer the preview color.

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Try cursed green dye, or other dark green sades to see the outcome :+1:t6:

I tried every shade of green. None of them looked right. Most were too dark.

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Seems I was wrong - kind-of… I took 10 screen shots at different times of the day and there seem to be two times of the day where it changes intensity in the preview window. One is Sun down and the other is Sun up. It could also be Sun is visible and Sun not visible. Except for specular highlights these two intensity levels seem to be the same no matter where you are or what time it is. As soon as the Sun is fully set or completely blocked out then the preview window light intensity is set to that and Sun up (or visible) behaves the same way and the intensity level is set to that.

The reason I say visible and not visible is because there was some oddity during the maelstrom as you can see. That image might indicate “Sun not visible” intensity with specular highlights from the then noontime sun. -=shrug=-

So, yeah, I was wrong. It’s not one time for 5 or 10 min where the preview window will match (depending on your location and time of day)… It’s two times for 5 or 10 min where the preview window will match (depending on your location and time of day). :stuck_out_tongue: And very strong light sources will sometimes affect the specular highlights as well.


My issue is the same dye looks different from one part of the armor to the next and with different sets. I understand different textures in real life take color but this is a game and doesn’t need to be realistic.


A graphic demonstration is from a vanilla armor: Hyperborean. You will get different results, with the same dye, between male and female models.

To amplify sestus’ information: Full Green looks like “shocking green” on the leather elements of almost every leather-bound armor.


Yeah and my character needs to rock she shouldn’t shock.


That’s because female exiles wear perfume which reacts differently with many of the dye formulas - than stinky male hormones. :smiley:


Yeti musk?


My Bella rocks and socks at the same time, she has a huge heart :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yes Bella is B u t e ful

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