Full Release is going to be epic

Anyone else excited to see how terrible the game will still be on “full” release? Because I defintely am. I haven’t been able to use any weapons or items, I lost all my crafting stations and thralls the other day on PvE, logged on today and all my doors despawned, and the game is glitchy as hell. Gonna be a great release. Good work guys.

I didn’t mind losing all my stuff because it is the preview after all, and we had the understanding that things will happen. What concerns me is the fact that the game is glitchy as you said after the latest patch and launch day is right around the corner.

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I know so many streamers that are going to be on this game. Two that I know with over 2k viewers. It will only last a few days if the server is rubber-banding and crashing though. I don’t see how the game will be ready in time. It seems like it is day one of EA the state it is in right now.

Well *coughs… i didn’t want to bring it on, beeing in the new forum and all.
But now i dare to whipser a post.

YES im totally baffled by all the blatant bugs and the horrible timing , and the as it seems or at least feels like complete ingnorance of us gamers.

Its like lighting has struck the game lol.
And the fuzz bout combat, its just as random as it was at day1, just a few clicks more and eyecandy.
Which is fine for this game imo, for combat id pick arma or so. But thats a matter of taste.

at least id learned how to smile about it since Feb 17, with like 1500+ hrs. :slight_smile:

It will take more time and eventually the game will be great for tha fans im sure, it’s a great game with lots of fun, but it just has to evolve imo.

Ill stick with it for a while more, let’s see.

I am pretty annoyed about losing my stuff only because it took them so long to patch Xbox, and I went on once a week just to keep my base alive for months. Finally when they update it, all my stuff was deleted. Pretty frustrating. They definitely are going to need some sort of miracle patch to get the game into a proper state. I mean I still see deer that take flight.

I just wanna be able to find and loot my body if I die… Cant loot in water right now and your body disappears when you die half of the time.