Full servers any solution coming?

So, for the last few days. Ever day the same procedur: Server full, refreshing for 40 minutes. Finally an empty spot.

What is Funcom doing to prevent this problems? Dont tell me “more server” as I an surely many other players dont wont to change servers after spending 20 hours online. Are the upping the amount of player per server?

There is a pinned topic at the top of this section called “Even More Servers Are On The Way”

I’m not sure if the answer to your question is in there, but it seems likely.

I know. Read it all. But as I said “more servers” isnt a solution. Funcom could open up 1 mil server so every player has his own. But how can they garantuee that players, wo created a charakter on an existing server always have access? Thats what its all about.

Its 2018, Ultima Online was released 20 years ago, and by now, dev companies should know how to handle these things…

Some people don’t mind starting over, so eventually the populations will even out.

I know I’d roll a new character on a low population if it meant I could actually log in when I wanted.

Just give it a little time. Some players will migrate, some will stop playing altogether once the hype dies down.
It’ll all be good in the end. Maybe :slight_smile:

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Yes, of course. I guess in 2 or 2 months it will be all smooth. But this time I really dont want to start over. Just dont have the time.

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Well games like this are supposed to be ‘huge’ time syncs, as in thousands of hours. Losing 20 hours is nothing. If you don’t have time to start over, I don’t understand how you could have time for the game at all.

I’m sure what you’re saying is true, I just don’t understand. Especially if you were on a PvP server where it’s common to lose dozens (eventually hundreds) of hours of work due to raiders and griefers.

Just try to stay on the same server, some other people will migrate to the new ones.

another thought for this is, also with them rolling out more servers its almost better to try to jump on them first before anyone else. Yes you lost what the other server had. But, you are the first on on a new one, first choice of base location, best chance to get ahead of the others that may join.

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also @ExNihiloish stop being everywhere too.

You’d get lonely without me.

touche lol, you may have a point.

Yep. Thats the only real plus. Being first on a new server supposed to be fun I guess

I agree with you… to be the first in one location it’s worth losing some lvls.
I’m waiting for the S.A PvE-C servers to jump in!

and you guys are in forums too can always find peeps to clan with on one of the new ones and truly dominate it from the start

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