Reserve our spot in online servers

I’m already tired of starting a new character in a new server because the one I was playing before is full, and I even try to go for low pop servers but it doesn’t matter. I live in South America but I play in North America because I can’t play in the few servers that exists because It’s either full or not responsive.

There should be a system that holds our spot in a server for at least 24hours, and we have to log in and play another hour to guarantee the spot reservation again.

Things can’t stay the way they are right now, it’s like I’m playing in a hardcore single-life server and being punished for nothing. ( Since the game crashes and dc’s on me at least once a day )

Well I was around when Funcom had a disastrous launch with Age Of Conan in 2008. You get pretty pissed when you can’t play something you are paying for. I guess if it was ftp I couldnt say much but I dulled out some cash last night and now can’t play my character, have to start over somewhere else. I will pick solo and not deal with online any more until this is addressed, if ever it will be.

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