Server size and reserved spots

As the title states, I want to talk about the size of the servers and reserved spots.

Everyone who is playing the game is aware of the high amount of bugs that can be both game breaking and frustrating to downright hilarious.
From rhinos flying away when they die to being stuck in Razma’s house of an hour.

But to me, the single most frustrating thing is going on the game. Good and ready to go and make some progress on the base, or a dungeon.
Then you meet the dreaded 40/40.
Your day off, your “you time” and the joy you take in this game is reduced to staring the server select screen.
You never know how long you’ll have to wait. Nor how many others are waiting for the same thing.

But my argument isn’t entirely selfish. I play on a vanilla PvE server. And since launch on the server I play on we started to grow a community. Very active and friendly chat, people helping each other out.
I started to look forward to logging on and talking to the people.

Since launch the server has been 40/40. So when new people join I’m in a bit of a confused state of mind.
Firstly, I want people to play the game and enjoy it. I want new people to have the same experience of a good community on the server they play on.

But it frustrates me because while new people join, other people won’t be able to. There are several level 50-60 players sitting and waiting to be allowed in. People with massive projects or things to do.

Last night we tried to organize a “raid”. A group of seven people that would run around and do every dungeon together. Three of us were online, later we found out that the others were stuck on the server selection screen.
Even though the three of us did “the run” and by all means it was fun. But it’s far from what it could have been for me, for the others, and the community on the server.

So for the sake of growing communities, or clan adversaries. For the sake of organized activities, be it doing dungeons, building, exploring or PvP battles/sieges.
It goes without saying that trying to organize something like that, and I can only imagine what it’s like on PvP servers when you’re trying to plan a clan vs clan battle/siege.
Never knowing who will be able or allowed to log on, is very frustrating.

Now that we’re a bit late in and people are establishing themselves on servers. I understand you’re in a bit of a predicament. You can’t really remove people from servers. That would be immensely unfair to them.
So I’d say that you could up the population gap, and add reserved spots.

With a game like this, with a lot to do and a fair bit of danger. A game that certainly pulled me in and isn’t letting me go yet. It is very frustrating that when I finally have an open window from everything going on in life. That I don’t know if I can play because of the nature of the servers.

So Funcom, please do something about this.

For instance,today I spent 40 min waiting to be let in to the server. I got to play for about two hours, the game crashed. I rushed to get back in, in a matter of seconds I was back at server selection. And I can’t get back in.
So right now my character is on the floor in The Well of Kelos. Given the gear and stuff in my inventory, that’s frustrating.