Fun Funcom physics

Just thought it might be fun for a thread where people can post screenshots of some of the physics issues in Conan. I find these funny.

I always find it amusing when dragons and rhinos fly off for a few hundred feet when killed.


Im not sure those pics show anything related to funcom physics; looks like mod physics to me.

I don’t know what causes it. I didn’t start the thread to knock Funcom. Just wanted to have a little fun with funny images.

On my SP, they don’t fly off anymore when I kill them, but they get knocked away a bit when I harvest them.

Yeah they fixed rhinos (sadly) as part of fixing other issues. We all miss flying rhinos…


I don’t have the footage, but I like when I kill the giant snake in the Unnamed city, and it goes blaarghgaghaghahagaghahrrrgrgh half in the ground and shoots itself into SPACE! with 2 times the speed of light so fast that the particles of the ceiling doesn’t even have time to understand what happenesd so the, don’t explode into pieces.

And the other favorite is when I knock down a human with a shield, and they try to get up, but I kill them. So they laying down then suddenly their legs pop up but the other haf of their bodies bounces a couple decimeters in the air. And the legs say: aaaaargh. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Some humourous bugs may be left in intentionally if they’re not game breaking. Bethesda did it with Skyrim’s giants being able to launch npc’s and the player into orbit.

Here my trip to orbit,
Here one no so much of a physics, just de sync issue when looking from my side. Funny to me nonetheless.
Edit: I have not idea on how to post a video here.


Climbing the bonfire

My friend died

Hanging lamp, hanging

Kneeling slave


A bearer three always feels the bite of my blade… best pack eva.

As long as the levitating deer that keep going straight up is still a thing, I’m happy.


Floating scorpions…

Aahhhh, scorpions…
when they burrow with stacks of bleed/poison and they die underground, they just bounce out of the ground! Silly animals…especially the small ones, you sometimes only see their tails (because of vegetation) and you just can’t take them seriously even at low levels!

Not really a physics issue, but something that’s so annoying I find it funny. Why, or why, can these be just a bit wider? lol

I get weird leg ones all time on Ps4, Then suddenly, the game will be like…“oh, lets try loading that again”


(this one was fixed long ago, but the day I looked down, and almost spit out my soda across my ps4 and tv)

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That second pic just looks all kinds of messed up. lol

Really restraining the temptation to make a “■■■■■” comment.

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That deer goin’ up! :joy:

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Going to leave this right here…

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