Funcom added flying mounts in the Siptah patch?

Game mode: [ Select one: Online official ]
Type of issue: [ Select one: Bug ]
Server type: [ Select one: PvE-Conflict (3829) ]
Region: [ America ]
Hardware: [ PS4 Pro ]

Bug Description:

I’ll just leave this here:

Expected Behavior:

Horses aren’t supposed to fly.

Steps to Reproduce:

Play on an official server with your friend. Watch him soar through the air like he’s on freegin Falkor in The Neverending Story. Begin singing The Neverending Story song.


I thought it was cute. And it’s always a good time for Limahl.

Then I noticed Crocs were flying as well.
That was slightly less amusing.
But it gives hope for a tameable chiropteran (Bat-person) mount/thrall in the space future…


it’s not a bug - it’s your internet connection! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I play right next to my wife and it’s funny what I can see on her TV versus what I see on mine. Flying animals and such other strange events.

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Lol :smirk:

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