Funcom apparently doesn’t understand that the players have at least been its customers

I’m one of those “defending” Funcom in this thread. I can’t speak for others, but I’ll tell you where you’re wrong when it comes to me.

For starters, I don’t defend Funcom “no matter what”. There are things that Funcom should do better and I agree with them. For example, they should communicate better about why someone got banned, without getting into unnecessary details. “You were banned for abusing the building system” is too generic. It would be better to say something like:

  • “Your clan was banned because of the claim spam around the base east of the Tower of Bats”, or
  • “Your clan was banned because the base at the Oasis of Nekhet was built in a way that affected server performance”, or
  • “Your clan was banned because the base in the Godsclaw Pass blocked resource spawns”, or
  • “Your clan was banned because of fence foundation stacking in the base near the Corner of Bones”

This is something they should do when people request ban information.

Second, when I “defend” Funcom, I’m not implying that you’re lying. “Lying” means you’re intentionally spreading falsehoods, like that nice chap who claims that Funcom didn’t do a single update to improve the game, ever.

I do believe it’s possible that you don’t know how you violated the TOS. That doesn’t mean you didn’t violate it, or that there’s anything wrong with the TOS. At most, it means that they should communicate more clearly, like I said above, because some people are too used to building in ways that were tolerated before and now they aren’t anymore.

Third, most of the complaints here aren’t as reasonable as yours. The thread is full of entitled demands, ridiculous claims, conspiracy theories, and people simply refusing to accept facts because they don’t like them. Oh, and name-calling. Lots and lots of name-calling. I don’t speak out against that because I have an overwhelming urge to protect poor little Funcom. I dispute things that are wrong because they’re wrong. Of all the names I’ve been called here, “white knight” comes closest to the truth, which is that I indulge my quixotic impulses for my own stupid, pathetic reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastly, if I do happen to go through the same as you did – in other words, if I get banned for something and all my efforts to get proper feedback fail – you bet your ass I’ll come back to the forums and post about it. I’m not ashamed of saying “yeah, you were right” and eating crow. If I was wrong, I was wrong, and it’s just as important to me to admit it as it is to argue against what I think is wrong.