Funcom apparently doesn’t understand that the players have at least been its customers

I’ll quote you the exact official comment on it:

So no, not a new rule. As I already explained - just because a rule was not previously enforced does not mean it did not exist. And no, exploits did not go ‘unpunished’ - I know multiple players who reported exploits and saw people banned for them. The system didn’t always work, and exploits aren’t always reported (or aren’t reported properly with any information that can actually be acted on), but the RULES were already there. And it is those same rules that are now being enforced. Pretending they are new, or that you didn’t agree to them every time you logged onto an official server, does not change the facts.

I didn’t say that. You only confirmed what I said. They didn’t introduce these rules until 2020 and started reinforcing them recently. You clearly state multiple times that these rules have always been there, even emphasizing your wording by writing ALWAYS in caps.

No, these rules have not always been there. Official servers went unmoderated for years. Until 2020 when they implemented rules and started enforcing them more harshly recently.

Oh and I promise you, that exploiters certainly go unpunished. In fact, you have just motivated me to write my feedback on exactly this issue.

I may have screwed up on the ‘always’ - but yes - you did say that - it’s there in black and white.

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Firstly this is not my account, secondly you probably don’t play PvP or play but in small clans. All the big clans I know are being banned because of the claim, which in some cases is even small and insignificant but just because they are scattered blocks was enough to be banned. The big problem is that clans are using it as a weapon, causing many to abandon the game.

I also confirm
this is not new and this is what I criticized Funcom on the laxity regarding moderation especially in Pve.
Even if, sincerely I am very close to their point of view concerning the game which I find a little naive, as I can be too, especially in our time.
Regarding pvp it is more complex because, whatever your interpretation, the development of the game is made to promote cooperation in an ultra competitive environment and it is easier to regroup a flock of sheep than humans, once again. , especially in our time …
The difficulties, still expanding, (and I’m not complaining) continue to go in this direction
It is an approach that I find very realistic for a survival game, to learn to know its territory, these material and human components, to find allies in the middle of trolls it is from my point of view very historical and in adequacy with the license from the universe of Conan the barbarian
This is why I appreciate their latest rule changes (even if other criteria with which I do not agree are to be taken into account) they keep the world open while offering solutions to different problems .
I wonder if this could not be school in the matter


The relevant section of the TOS says:

In other words, you will get permabanned on 2nd offense, unless you 1st offense was egregious enough to warrant a permaban right away.


Apparently you have never had to ask a question through Zendesk. Through the Zendesk, the answer is only an arrogant reference to the rules. So Zendesk is just a funcom channel through which it subjugates players.
I hope you really have games spinning on the official ones and you get the band yourself. Tell me wherever you play, I’ll see if there’s anything I could complain about, and you’ll be able to enjoy Zendesk’s non-existent services for yourself.
Or are you just a forum pious who really has nothing to give to the game?

I started this chain because I feel that I have to somehow help my friends, who are unfairly punished by funcom, and also funcom, because with this go, ■■■■■■ is actually destroying its game.
It’s pretty certain that giving an eternal ban makes no sense at all for the game, the point is just empty servers.

I don’t see any claim in the background. That would be the very first place to claim. It doesn’t make sense to land claim out of rendering distance from your base.

Unless you are just flat out calling Rino a liar even after he makes a video. But since they show the server and the video was made today it’s possible to verify or debunk the video by anyone.

That’s kind of what I guessed as soon as I read the new policy: too vague and zero details.
Then when we discuss that funcom probably doesn’t want to pay for detailed investigations I can expect all kinds of problems.

It’s more than just the META - the rules are against the intention of the economy patch and crafting stations that take up 4 squares each minimum. How can you have all the crafting stations and not have a huge base? How can you have 5 altars and not be accused of violating land claim rules (which are not detailed.)

But also the way I read it - if you log in on another steam account or purchase another account, that is also a second offence. So don’t try to get around the ban or you could get permabanned for doing that.

Nope, while I may be a toxic console official server PVPer, I read the rules and don’t give FC a reason to look my way.

You caught me.


If the game weren’t good, I really wouldn’t bother here to write upstream with the incomprehensible.
Now my gauge is starting to be really full of funcom and its incredible stubbornness. I really think I’ll stop playing all the Funcom games, as long as I’ve first reviewed the games in every possible place.

Yes, this is a well-known exloit of the reporting system. In addition to protection from the trebuchet, pyramids are also needed, which take up quite a lot of space. But to be honest, it seems useless to me to write here. Local fanboys don’t play this game. And the developers either have no desire to make a well-thought-out system of restrictions, or they have no resources. (the game is now full of bugs).
Merchers (especially those behind the green wall) now have much more advantages than ordinary players. They don’t have to build big bases. And not so many people walk behind the green wall to find them, usually they are the same merchers. So if you play fair, you are much more likely to get banned.

But isn’t there a huge difference between a rule that is only sometimes enforced in the most egregious cases (launch until now), and a that same rule being enforced more robustly?

Which would be reasonable, right? I mean - if you get banned from something for 14 days, and try to cheat your way round the ban, then you get punished more that sounds pretty fair. It’s the same reason ‘destroying evidence’ tends to be a crime - if a person committed a crime and then goes out and destroys the evidence, but is caught while doing that they don’t get to avoid being arrested because they ‘weren’t committing that crime this time, they were just getting rid of the proof from last time’ - trying to circumvent rules usually ends up with additional sanctions being applied.


A fair point. Though it is also worth reminding everyone that a warning period was issued, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to people when the rules did begin to be enforced more strictly. But yes, there is a difference.

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Anyway - let’s see how the new DLC sales go.
Seems like a really bad time for me to return to the game so I’ll just put it back on the shelf and play something else until this mess gets figured out.


I only asked for clarification. I even agreed that if that was all that was built, it was an unfair ban. You quoted me. Asking for proof is not calling someone a liar.

Personally I don’t think having those things automatically means you would have a base big enough as to violate the rules. Unfortunately I’m not even sure we can talk about it anymore given recent development. For what it is worth, I have built a similar base on the opposite broken aqueduct (on the Isle of Dusk) before and would also be confused if that alone got me banned.


Sure, I wasn’t advocating for avoiding the ban, but warning against it.

Anyway, I’ve decided Conan isn’t worth the headache right now. I have over 2,000 hours in the game and took a break. I was going to return and play solo on an official PVP server but I don’t have any clear rules. Part of my strategy would be to have several small bases all around the map so one single raid wouldn’t wipe me completely - but with the vague rules and lack of concern for fairness by funcom and half the community I don’t think I can be bothered, really.

I decided rather than buy the DLC’s I missed over the past year I can just do something else.

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Yes, the “dictators” who own and pay for the official servers are “subjugating” players by giving them an option to ask for information, so they can spend additional time and money on giving them “arrogant” replies. Because that’s what companies do, waste money on pointless crap like that. :roll_eyes:

You know what? That sounds like an excellent idea. I’ve already let all my stuff decay, but I wouldn’t mind calling you on your bluff. So when I’m done with my Cyberpunk 2077 playthrough, I just might go and create a character on one of the PVE-C servers I like and build one of my castles there. If I do that, I’ll try to remember to invite you to report it.

It just might be worth spending time on another depressing round of RNG slot machines just to see you people eat your own words.

I don’t know, but I wish someone would tell me, because I’ve built 3 different versions of my Citadel, on 3 different official servers, with 3 different characters, and I’ve let each decay only after months of play. In those months those bases lasted, I have never been banned or otherwise punished or even warned, despite having all the shrines in the base, along with the greater wheel of pain, a large well, an armored taming pen, two stables, and more than one of each of the crafting stations. :man_shrugging:

My theory is that it’s perfectly possible to build a big base that doesn’t break the spirit of the rules, despite breaking the letter of the rules. For example, I believe that blocking the spawn for a couple of dead trees is technically “content blocking”, but it isn’t really a bannable offense.


Cool - I wasn’t sure which way you meant it. But as a warning makes good sense.

I’d argue you have the exact same clarity of rules that you played under for those 2000 hours - just now you know they’re more likely to be enforced. Personal opinion - your plan doesn’t sound like something that would be deserving of a ban - but if you don’t feel safe/comfortable within the rules right now, then yeah, maybe you’re best off hanging on till things have settled down a little. I think there’ll probably be more clarity as time goes by - if only in terms of players and Funcom developing a better sense of what is or isn’t likely to need a ban. While there are ‘horror stories’ floating around about being banned for no reason, I can understand not wanting the headache.

But this I disagree with. The whole point of Funcom enforcing the rules is aimed at fairness - instead of letting the exploiters run rampant (and let’s be clear, things like foundation stacking have been explicitly stated as exploits), they intend to enforce the rules more strictly. I’m not sure what’s supposed to be unfair about that? And just tossing aside any part of the community that disagrees with you as not being ‘concerned about fairness’ is not very reasonable either. I know you’re better than that - you’ve argued far too reasonably to really intend that.

Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to move on to. And I hope you’ll come back in a little while and find that things have calmed down (I really hope they calm down…) and you’ll feel comfortable to enjoy Conan again.


I’ve been playing since the first days of early access. I have yet to be banned. Or warned. Largely because I don’t do douchebag things in game or do anything bad to get noticed by anyone.

I’ve heard that conan exiles is dying for … hell… four years now. And yet here we still are.

Don’t want to get banned? Don’t do stupid things. For every person that was legit unfairly banned there are a dozen more that were banned screaming that they were unfairly banned when they were doing douchebag things.

Have problems with that? Fire up your own private server and do douchebag things on your private server where you get to make the rules.

Its a pretty easy scenario in my opinion.

None of us are official server admins. No one here can help you. If you were legit “unfairly banned” then I’m sorry to hear you were unfairly banned. I dont have any context to judge if you were or not since I have no access to game logs showing what you did or did not do.

If there is a huge problem with official servers being full of admins unfairly banning innocent people, join a private server instead. The cost to you is the same on official or unofficial servers: zero. So move to a server where these over zealous official server bannings don’t take place.