Funcom apparently doesn’t understand that the players have at least been its customers

Since you clearly don’t want people to bloat their bases beyond a certain point, wouldn’t it be easier to add a building block limit / clan than to run around those thousand servers banning virtually anyone who played the game more than a few weeks? Because I’ve been traveling across a dozen PvP servers lately and each and everyone had several clans that would warrant a pointless landclaim ban. In truth if you ban every clan that slightly broke this rule, most servers would be deader than dead, not more healthy and alive.

I find it funny that transferring to a server with 10 god coins and inventory full of dragonpowder and wiping every poor soul there to the point of quitting is completely ok, but claiming a territory for your base is a bannable offense cause it’s bad for server community.

Somehow makes me think this whole landclaim ban spree is inspired by pve servers in the first place where there is pretty much nothing else to do than build and build indestructible buildings.

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#1 Land claim is all result of funcom design decision. They decided you can build anywhere and as much as you wanted with no rules. They could have made it so you can only build in like a 20x20 area or something and no where else on the map. like put a claim marker down and you can only build within that area. that’s how a lot of other games solve this problem.

#2 I keep hearing that foundations is a source of lag on all servers. modded servers, foundations are usually banned and you cant use them. its something to do with foundations creates a lot of memory use on the server.

#3 I had no idea people still played vanilla servers as the content there is about maybe 100 hours and there is nothing to do. modded servers are the way to play this game.

I’m rocking wall-to-wall fencing to keep out expeditionary climbers. Encircling walls. Foundations. You know and I know the difference between massive “because I can” claims and actual gameplay claims.

I’m not a PvE player but this is insulting to all players. At the heart of it, the PvP game is 93% PvE. And ultimately, there are loads of things to do in a PvE environment that simply aren’t accessible to PvP.

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Exactly. They made a thrall limit, and I know an item limit can be done because PIPPI counts how many items each clan has and even plots them on a heat map for you to find them.

If there was a limit then clans could either claim land with thousands of foundation, or build walls walls up to the sky, or fill their chests with thousands of useless items, or spam torches but not more than of those choices.

That’s because it’s not a number and it will never be a number, because it can’t be a number. None of these things can be quantified. If they could, they would implement a limit instead of spending money on moderation.

There are several reasons these things can’t be numbers, and many of us on these forums have written about them in the endless discussions that keep popping up and that nobody bothers to read before repeating this same tired old trope.

Here are just two, and if you want more, go read other threads on this topic:

  • If they said you can only place N building blocks, then a griefer could place N-1 and protest that they were banned unfairly. In order to avoid that, N would have to be so small that nobody could build a decent base.
  • The impact on server performance is not a simple function of how many building blocks you used. You can make a base that covers most of a grid square and doesn’t cause more than a small blip in the server FPS, and you can build a compact base that will bring the server down to its knees.

I’m not entirely sure where you got the idea that Funcom has a problem with the size of your claim. That’s nowhere in the rules.

Which rule is that?


I really feel like this can never be emphasized strongly enough. Different pieces have greater or lesser effects on performance.

It would be impossible to catalog the performance factor of every building piece and placeables without it becoming so complex that no one would benefit from it

Density is also an important factor, possibly even more so than number of pieces. Forcing the game to render 10 things where one should be certainly can’t help performance

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And why is a wall with fences somehow more important than anti-trebuchet/anti-grief landclaim? They both serve exactly one purpose and that’s increasing the safety of your base. Dunno why people call it purposeless spam. In fact the rules don’t even clearly state that you’re not allowed to make an anti-treb landclaim around your base.

Anything can be built either ugly or pretty, and the whole complaint here seems to be that there’s too much cancerous ugly “spam” on a lot of servers. (Which is true.) But then if a guy makes the same buildings in pretty and eye-pleasing manner, he’s not a spammer, but an artist? Isn’t it kinda wrong to ban people just cause your subjective opinion is that their buildings look like ugly and cancerous spam? Also when it comes to server performance, you’d think a simple straight line of blocks is less taxing to a server than a row of 20 fake rp building with torches and stuff.

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I look forward to the building block boundary horror. We had about a thousand followers in the clan before the thrall limit.

It was a huge job to find all the Followers who had accumulated in the clan in about three years and destroy more than 800 of them.

Funcom destroyed a total of six large bases from us and even then we had almost 100,000 building blocks at about 10 bases. I then destroyed the extra building parts for two weeks and got about 15,000 parts destroyed.
I then had to resign from my clan, and leave it to my friends because I no longer wanted to take the risk of getting an eternal ban.

When we got the band where Funcom destroyed those buildings I tried to find out through zendask, and the answer to my questionnaire was on a really lousy level, it didn’t even figure out what sever the banian came from and I played on five servers.

Here is the answer:
Conan Exiles Team (Funcom)
Sep 10, 2021, 8:28 EDT
Greetings Exile,

Your account has been temporarily suspended from playing on official Servers for 30 days as a warning due to extensive claim spam. Your suspension should end on the 25th of September.
You can view the current terms of conduct here:

Please note that it falls under your responsibility to make sure no one in your Clan is abusing game Mechanics or partaking in continued harassment. Do not associate under any circumstances with players you suspect are Hacking, exploiting or abusing any of the guidelines above. If you suspect any of them are partaking in such actions, please report them to our staff and distance yourself or your Clan from these players.

Our team has Verified your suspension length, the nature of the infraction (s) committed, and the number of incidents, and has determined that your account’s temporary suspension is currently non-appealable.

Please be aware that although access to Official Servers is restricted for your account, you may still play in a private server and single-player / co-op sessions.
My friend who was not banned at the time found out which server Funcom had made his attack on and which targets. Funcom’s zendesk was of no use in that matter other than letting it know when the band should end. That, too, did not end until the next day.

Funcom’s ban policy makes it impossible to play on official servers, at least if you want to succeed. The ban should only target a server that had a clan that broke the building rule.

Been there done that. We had an epic war on a pvp server that lasted for weeks. We had a big trebuchet fortress next to their base, because as it happens some bases cannot be raided without a trebuchet and our enemy of course tried to get rid of the treb fortress every day so we had to make it a solid claim. Anyways eventually they lost the war and got driven out, but as their last resort they reported us for landclaim. 2 weeks later funcom swoops in and deletes our base and bans us. Kind of sad considering we produced one of the most epic wars conan has probably ever seen and got banned for it.

As a result I did the exact same thing as you: I had to leave every clan on every server I was cause of this obnoxious policy. What’s even more sad that since you basically can’t attack bigger clans anymore if you’re not allowed to siege them with landclaim, I guess one just has to play safe and stick with wiping small-time newbies.

I’m not entirely sure how to reply to sections of your comment instead of the entirety, so excuse my formatting.

I’m not gonna pretend I speak for Funcom, but that’s the way I’ve been reading the rules. If you lay down a bunch of random foundations or scatter some random shrines, that’s claim spam. If you build a curtain wall or a bunch of sentry towers with archers on top or build some actual temples with shrines in them, then it’s not just claim spam. It’s not without its merit, either. Building something functional requires more thought, time, and materials than just plopping down arbitrary spam.

You’re right that building walls, towers, or houses require more thought, time, and materials. But they would also require more resources FPS wise. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of this rule? Or if the rule is truly just there to prevent griefing, then why are people getting banned for claiming land next to their base in a place where no one in their right mind would actually want to build?

Because the game database does not store which player placed which building piece , except for clanless players.

Maybe it should. A solution would be to show who built a building piece by equipping a repair hammer (For clanmates only, ofcourse). If this is technically possible for funcom to implement.

Yes. At the very minimum, that level 15 was supposed to read the rules and think twice before joining a clan.

Be aware of the rules? Yes. Be aware of every building, behaviour, and habits of all of their clanmates? No. Unrealistic in my opinion.

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Is it though? I think it is possible to communicate and find a consensus with your clan mates how to behave and engage other players on official servers in order to avoid being banned.
(Clear communication, even with people we might perceive as “trolls” is key to make our life much easier)

It was hard though, to find a clan with decent people to join. But that’s just based on my experience and in the end I was able to find the best clan mates, now friends, ever. But before, I left one clan because of their rule breaking behavior (offending people in chat for no other reason than spite) and got kicked from another for the toxic behavior of people I got associated with. :expressionless: That was before funcom actually enforced their rules.

But I too wish funcom would be more efficient (and fair in case some people actually get banned fo no reason) in handling the tickets. That really doesn’t speak for the management. And I don’t mean the community management or anybody working on the conan exiles project.


How are you going to negotiate (for example, on the number of buildings) if no one knows the construction limits? In PVP, the more you build, the better you are protected from raiders. But at the same time, there is a greater risk of being banned. Nobody knows where this border is. So there is only an OPINION of how much you can build. So, thanks to the reluctance to create any clear limits, we all play the lottery.


You might consider contributing and subscribing to the Castle Size thread.


Another reason why I only play on private servers.


No worries. I don’t know how it works on other devices, but on my computer you just select the text you want to quote and a “Quote” button appears, which inserts the quote into the post you’re writing (or starts a new post if you weren’t already writing one).

Not this rule. There are others that cover that.

Again, this is just my opinion, but I’ve seen people build in places where I thought no one in their right mind would want to build. I think Funcom wants to get rid of the “claim spam so you can’t get close to me” gameplay altogether.

Although I don’t play on PVP servers, understand that people do it there as a strategy, but it seems like Funcom decided this should not be a strategy anymore. I know that people do it on PVE(-C) servers, because I’ve seen it and I agree that it needs to stop, for reasons I hope are obvious when you take into account differences between PVP and PVE(-C) servers.

“Should” is a tricky word. It’s certainly technically possible, but what are the actual consequences? Right now, the database stores the “owner ID” and the owner is either a player or a clan. There would be two ways to change that:

  • Store both the clan ID and the player ID. Considering just how many pieces are normally placed on a server, this could increase the storage and memory footprint considerably, potentially causing serious performance problems.
  • Store only the player ID, since the relationship between the player and the clan is already stored. This would maintain the storage and memory footprint, but it would require an additional lookup every time any piece of code needs to know which clan owns the piece. Depending on how much of that code is on the critical path of execution, this could potentially cause serious performance degradation. (And I’m not even taking account stuff like cache locality here, just an additional layer of indirection.)

So, yeah, it’s possible, but it’s not clear whether it should be done. Only someone with access to the codebase could tell you the actual tradeoffs involved.

Even if these tradeoffs are perfectly acceptable, they would still have to prioritize the necessary work and pick doing that over other things.

Could be. All I can tell you there is that most of the clans I’ve been and most of the clans I know have never had problems. I remain unconvinced that it’s so trivial to be accidentally swept up in someone else’s rule-breaking.

But then again, I don’t play on PVP servers, so it might be something prevalent among PVP players. I’m not saying that’s the case, but if it is, then the problem isn’t so much that an innocent person ended up punished for someone else’s rule-breaking, but rather that rule-breaking is so widespread. In that case, maybe the PVP community could stand to re-evaluate their practices and adapt to the changes.

And no one ever will, because it’s not a numeric limit:

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Common sense? :joy: As long as there is no numeral limit.


funcom ban policy is a complete joke. specially the past few months.

2 months ago, i decided to return to play, (pvp) i was with my clan and we were having fun.
we were winning.
we made sure that we weren’t breaking any rule.
we didn’t land claimed, neither undermesh, neither flying base or even fence stacking or anything, just a simple apex base.

but the problem happened when our entire clan recieved a perma ban for, apparently, “hacking”
we were really surprised by that because we were extremelly carefoul to not break any rule.

from what i could gather from the people who accused us, it was a 10 seconds video were one of us was apparently teleporting, if it was lag or hack, i don’t know. could be true or could be false.

i have no way to control any of that, the best i could do would be kick this troublesoume member.
but funcom didn’t give us any chance to defend ourselves, and we tried to appeal but funcom gave us an incredible generic answer that “they were having too many reports by the community and cannot investage the issue”

how i am supposed to know that one of our members broke a rule (regardless if think the accusation is true or not) if they don’t give me any chance at all?
its really unfair when you are trying to play by the rules still get banned and even worse permantly for it.

it sucks because i really like this game. and i was going to buy another account but after the incredible generic answer they gave me, i was just sad and dissapointed at the company behind this great game.

i hope they can improve the rules or the staff who admins their official servers otherwise your game will die.

If any player reading this has a sign placed into the world of an official server with the name of another player / tribe or any statements about how you feel about those players, please consider removing it.

There are ongoing actions against such signs. Even if the sign is inside your base or not publicly facing, you may still be subject to the “14 day temporary ban” for a first offense. With a 168 hour structure decay timer (7 days) and thrall decay timers being what they are, you can lose EVERYTHING for something which was not even intended to reach the eyes of anyone else. A sign as simple as “player is a nasty verb” is all it takes to lose your Conan Exiles world and hundreds of hours invested in play.

Written by someone who respects people and diversity more than most. The pen is more mighty than the sword.

What are you even talking about

Well, now begins my financial impact on the funcom.
I won’t buy the latest add-on until Funcom has changed its ban policy and removed my friends ’perpetual bans.