Funcom do nothing about players

I see! Well it’s definitely something preventing the connection.
Did this happen right after this update? or did you have the same trouble even before the update?
Also, if it’s the second one, were you ever able to connect since purchasing the game?

Yes , I’ve had game for about 3y, never had this issue, I stopped playing for a bit before update and I wanted to try it out and see how they ruined the game even more and turns out I can’t even do that, I did leave a bad review on steam, and after that I couldn’t play xdddd

Hmm, that’s odd indeed
Any chance you installed any anti-virus software on your computer? (those could have their very own firewall just like the windows one that could further block the game)
Or have you maybe upgraded your router or something? (routers also have built-in firewall)

Nothing has changed, no donwloads, nothing, contacted devs 50 times and nothing so… Just lose all my shit I guess

Could you perhaps do a verify files in steam?
You click properties on it, go to local files and click the Verify integrity of game files, let’s see if that comes up with something

already done all that, reinstalled everything aswell, done all firewall. everything, it cannot be an issue my side

so i just logged into my gf steam account and played conan, had a 2.5gb update and loaded game, worked first time , and joined my server xddd going to log back into mine and see

so i cannot access my account xd but i can on my gf

So same computer same conan installation but a different account lets you in?

And yes, my guess was that your game didn’t entirely update, that’s why I suggested the verify files.
Since that’s another reason why it wouldn’t let you connect, if you’re using a different version of the game.
Weird that it doesn’t let you in on yours

yes, same pc , but cannot play on my account , not even private servers

You have a game license on your account though, right? You’re not trying to use steam family share or something

no no , both have original copies, we play together xd

Just for kicks… try clearing your steam download cache, that will also force a relog again
Sooo Steam menu → Settings → Downloads → Clear Download Cache button

I don’t think so, that would still allow you to play on private servers and the message would appear later on when you tried joining the official servers, not in the menu before you even pick online play

i know dude, but knowing the shit they put me through… thanks i will try that, do you know any way i could clear my steam account from there records or like reset it ?

it had a mini update but still nothing… thanks mate

nothing dude

what would change from one account to other? like i cant think of anything

Well… if you did something really really really bad, then they could theoretically revoke your game license, though I doubt that would be the case… You wouldn’t be able to reinstall it then.
Other than that. the typical cache and update issues, but you already took steps that would’ve forced an update.
Any chance you are able to try your account on a different computer? see if it’s consistent across PCs

oh good idea , gimme a sec

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