Funcom Dune MMO

So, is anyone else excited? :3 I’m understanding division of resources better now.


I’m going outside to stomp the ground.

Atreides for life!


“A new adaptation of Dune is coming to movie theaters in 2020, and it’ll be getting some video games to go with it, says Funcom.” link

“There aren’t a lot of details on the games, but Funcom has confirmed that one of the games will fit the “Open World Multiplayer” genre. That game will go into pre-production sometime in 2019.” link

I can only hope that some of the designs will reflect the concept art of H.R. Giger, from the 1970’s aborted Dune film.


I doubt it’s going to be a MMO. I’d rather dampen my expectations.

I sort of find it unfortunate. Secret World Legends hardly receives any significant content anymore, and literally feels like it’s on maintenance mode whether it actually is or not.

We get a occasional small update, like altering OD scenario from 2 to 5 players, and prior to that, a 5 boss speed run based on the legendary Dark Agartha we’ve heard rumors about since TSW. Then there’s the various holiday events, and that’s pretty much it.

Honestly, I’d love to drop that 100 USD on the patron status and so on…but I can’t justify it for event content that’s repeated over and over every year, and dribbles of new content that literally take a couple of hours to finish.

Rather than throwing money into yet another project, I feel like they should be solidifying and expanding their existing projects instead.

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It’d be nice to see more in SWL, but realistically the potential profits from new titles vastly outweigh those from old titles which have never had massive populations. If the new titles are successful then we can hope FC has more money overall to spend on existing games, but it’d be more likely that proceeds would go towards future developments.

We don’t get big content packs any more, but we’ve been getting new drips every few months. I’d be thrilled to see more big content coming for SWL, but it’s never going to be able to compete with something new, specially not with an IP the caliber of Dune.

That…is about the best reason ever, to go looking for a new MMO outside of FC’s projects.

Thank you.