Funcom gets rid of the Russians in the game

Funcom blocks Russian players, without explaining the reasons, violations or something else. This is pure racism from their company. I demand an explanation.
All official servers.
https : // steamcommunity . com / id / 79876273252343/

sounds more like a error not racism… also that would be nationalism not racism… read a book man.

Nationalism is an ideology and movement characterized by the promotion of the interests of a particular” . Before answering someone, please think carefully and read what you write. I write about racism

At the risk of being rude, maybe it’s Steam? Our Lord and Saviour Gabe of the Infinite Hats has a tendency to perform wonky wonders through Steam more often than not.

Also what proof can you provide that it is ‘all’ Russian players are being blocked? Your link is all kinds of unhelpful and provides no relevant information for anybody to work off of.

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Maybe if you guys didnt openly promote cheating, there wouldnt be a reason to region lock you. Russians are almost as bad as Chinese in this regards. However, it is sad that all the good people from both nations suffer because of these bad apples.

The aggression in your post shows that you are here to make your demands and you care little to even give Funcom the chance to explain. It could be simply an error or there might be a very good reason why it was done.

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They removed the ability to use Conan via Family share just yesterday. All the players that got banned from Officials now can’t cheese the ban with Family Sharing. They have to rebuy the game.

Maybe it’s that what he means.

I don’t think that’s an excuse to punish a whole nationality. Most countries promote behavior some other country finds distateful, yet somehow we find ways to cooperate, negotiate and talk despite our differences. Punishing all Norwegians because some of their ancestors went on Viking raids isn’t okay in modern Western legal systems.

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I don’t know the details, but if over 50% of the users from a specific range of IPs is ruining the game for the overall community, that would give them enough of an excuse. Some of the trolls will just switch to VPNs, but this combined with the removal of family sharing, means any trolls would have to rebuy the game each time, which will at least help reduce the number of trolls.

Plus, they still have access to private servers, right?

No, it does not. One of the core principles of Western justice going back to the Roman era is that the innocent should not be punished.

Yeah, yet another not-very-impressive move on someone’s part, that.

While that might sound like a good thing, I’m flabbergasted that was ever possible in first place. It seems a failing of the Family Sharing system itself to allow sub-accounts access to something the root account has lost access to.

But it’s not a good reason to remove Family Sharing from CE. At this point noone should be surprised though - there’s a trend in how these things go:
Problem: there’s an issue with a small subset of players
Solution: let’s punish everyone, whether they were ever part of the problem or not


I don’t think they ever lost access on the root account. They would family share the game with a throw away account, when it got banned, they would just make a new throw away account, and family share to it instead without ever actually playing on the base account.

Hey @invader302030 ,

There’s been no region lock. Should you want a lengthier explanation, please do contact us privately and we’d be happy to look into your particular case and provide an explanation.