Funcom I seek an answer on Lichdom

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I haven’t ask about sorcery in months. Just a reminder to everyone Funcom decides if they want/don’t want to add sorcery. I just wish to know how Funcom plans on how in theory if sorcery was added how Lichdom would be treated? Remember this a theory and not a promise. In theory if sorcery was added I hope Funcom wouldn’t make Lichdom a timed transformation. Lichdom is seen as a permanent part of the player. Most game with Lichdom as a transformation buff limited time spell. This makes those games with Lichdom uneducated about Lichdom.

People don’t like to read. Once again I will say it. Funcom decides if they want/don’t want to add sorcery. This is a theory and not a promise.

I’m not sure we need Lichdom. That being said. If they do. You would need a phylactery.

I feel like this should be tied to the character and if it is destroyed. It is basically like removing your bracelet permanently. So hide and guard it well.

Isnt talking about lichdom a bit of cart before the horse? Lets get sorcery first then see if we agree with everything that entails.

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Not always. In some fantasy works the phylactery is unnecessary or optional. Or just part of the process of becoming a lich and after completion of the ritual it’s just another piece of junk that can be safely tossed out the window.

But there should be some sort of horrible thing that happens during lichdom. Like sure you longer need food and water. And no temperatures would affect you.

So there would need to be some way of destroying the Lich

You mean besides the really bad skin condition? (ie. the lack of skin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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Imagine, perhaps, if nothing could kill you permanently, just cause your body to reform whole and unharmed at your bed or bedroll…


In terms of balance, I could imagine the cost being expensive, and when you do succomb to your wounds, you wake up at your bed human again, undoing the progress made toward lichdom. Permadeath could be an amusing take, but only when it happens to other people.

I think it should be permadeath because it makes more sense. You gambled for power and achieved said power. Which is becoming undead.

No respawning. Just outright death. Destruction.

I could see the following benefits.

No food and water required
No need for temperatures
Breathing underwater
No bleeding
No poisoning
Natural regen (Similar to the original 3rd perk with a higher regen.)

Since you don’t eat or drink you do not get benefits from potions food or healing items like ambrosia. (Warpaint could still work for buffs)
Upon death you are destroyed. Forced to make a new character

It is a balanced trade off.

That why I said in theory. A theory isn’t a promise. This way the funcom staff can be protected. The funcom staff can say In theory if Lichdom was added here is our plan for it. They would explain it in details. This way funcom staff is protected by a wall of what if. It allows them to ideas without promising anything.

well we can theorize about any old irrelevant thing I suppose.