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I have a lot if sorcery questions. Please answer the question like this. Number) Answer. For example: 1.) Answer. This way everything is kept in order.

1.) Will there be sorcery spells that do damage?

2.) Will there be healings sorcery spells?

3.) Will there be bad status removal sorcery spells?

4.) Can I buff the party with sorcery spells?

5.) Are there transformation sorcery spells?

6.) If yes to five. Are transformations permeant?

7.) Is Lichdom in the sorcery spell list? The ability to transform into a Lich.

8.) Will the player be able to transform into a demon or devil?

9.) Can I steal my enemy sorcerer corruption? Corruption that is curable. If they have curable corruption.

10.) Is spell combination by two players or more to create a greater version of the current spell possible? Meaning can two players use the same spell for a greater effect on world effecting spells.

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Test Live is abit away… soooooooooo YAYS WAITING!


This is known so far, but since they’re still working on it things may change:

1: There is Lightning Storm
2: No
3: No
4: No
5: There is one that hides the effects of corruption on the caster
6: Doubt it
7: No
8: No
9: No
10: No

  1. Maybe.
  2. Perhaps.
  3. Possibly.
  4. Could be.
  5. There’s a chance.
  6. Uncertain.
  7. Hell no.
  8. Who knows?
  9. We shall see.
  10. Unlikely if you’re Single-Player.

Stop it! My side is killin’ me!!! :rofl: :joy:
But what if he was playing with one of the new AI thralls from the settlement update coming in patch 4.99999?

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Waiting is such a pain. Hopefully the new update remove lots of bugs, glitches and lags.

I’m sure it will. If I were a betting man, I’d also wager that the update will introduce many new ones to replace those they fix.

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