Funcom, it's update time!

How long should actually remain deactivated on Siptah?!
We have 5 servers in the EU region and on each of them there is a catastrophe where sandstone structures are everywhere and blocking the country. Not to mention the invisible animals.

They host community events and twitch drops, but an UPDATE would be much more impactful for everyone.

I refuse to play the game until the bugs are fixed and I’ve been waiting for that for a long time.

UPDATE FUNCOM…that’s all that matters, stop implanting things, solve these problems first!!!

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Not that we expect that to happen we won’t get anything until next stage of age of war and fixes for existing problems will be partially implemented. Day one Ps4 player long time time Forum member but definitely aware of more problems with every upgrade to the game? Not bashing Forum admin they have no control over what is happening only pass on our problems.

With luck, at least a few of the bugs will be squashed in late September

Which will be over shadowed by the new bugs.


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