Funcom Launcher preview on testlive (2021-02-27)

Hi! We fixed one bug with this, so it’s unfortunate if we broke something else in the process. We’ll see what we can figure out.

Are you using the standalone Conan Exiles - Testive Client, or the Testlive branch of the Conan Exiles client?
And what type (solo, coop, official server, other server) of game are you trying to reconnect to? Did or could you try to switch to a different type, either a solo game or an official testlive server?

I believe it is the Testlive Client. Screenshot by Lightshot

I am running a testlive dedicated server, but will go connect to an official testlive server and see how it plays out. report in a few

Edit: No change accessing Official Siptah Pve-c server. Tried a few times and the continue is always greyed out. Also did a couple solo tries and no luck on the button.

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Thank you! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I will be out tomorrow, but have shared the thread link with the team and they’ll have a look at it.


Hello @sirvink, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve reached out to you privately to request that you share your “Game.ini” file with us, further details can be found within the DM.


I would like to point out that this is a good example of the communication problem people complain about on the forums. Instant answers when it pertains to the giant wall of advertising that’s going up but yet barely an answer to the concerns over things like mobs teleporting to the center of the world or a myriad of other things that you would think there would be a little more interest in things that you would think would be at least equally important.

Now before we start yelling at me this is simply an observation not a judgement in either direction.

Hi, we’ve previously stated on the patch notes that this is both a known issue and that we’re currently working on a fix:

Please be aware that, despite being unable to directly reply to all posts, we actively monitor the forums for player feedback, so if you have any concern or issue that hasn’t been addressed in the patch notes be sure to share it within that same thread or as a new post in this section.

And that was exactly what I was saying. If the issue is so important to respond personaly and privately with an individual to fix it, the same could be said for select other issues that could be considered equally as important. Not all of them of course but a few of the bigger ones. That alone would go a long way to easing the minds of the player base that are concerned about the lack of interest. The fact that Hugo almost instantly answered this, kind of hammers home my point I am thinking.

You think this is the only time Funcom has ever reached out to an individual privately for files? That’s insanely ignorant and false.

Thread is about feedback to help improve the launcher. Can we please for once keep a thread meant for specific feedback, on topic?


Of course I don’t Multigun, and my post wasn’t there to get your hackles up, simply posting feedback that I personally find relevant. If you would like me to stop speaking of things that strike me personally as important just say so.

No, that’s not what he’s saying at all. He’s saying, in his own way, to post your thoughts in your own thread and please, don’t derail this one. You have every right to speak your mind and share your thoughts. So make your own thread and go do that so your issue can be discussed.


I think to be fair here, the new launcher is the new portal into the game. The feature most liked about the launcher, which will lead to more people using it, rather than just bypassing it, is the “Continue” button. That makes it quite critical to the success and makes it pretty high profile/priority.

I’m not interested in the other Funcom games and their wall of marketing. That may change when Dune comes out though. But if their marketing wall gets a few clicks here and there, they get more revenue, which helps keep development alive.

Over the years I’ve dealt with Funcom support, I’ve found them to be pretty attentive to all manor of game issues. I don’t always agree with their direction on game development and balance tweaking, but compared to most game companies, they really get an A+ for their efforts to respond to issues reported (accept maybe for server administration on the hundreds of official servers out there, but they are also not the front line for support on them I believe).

Solving issues isn’t always a quick fix. I remember one a couple years ago that took months to track down and they worked extensively with forum members, using monitoring logs, config dumps, etc. They did solve it and the game runs better than ever.

In many cases, just a report of a game bug is al they need to start diagnosing a problem. In this case with me, they needed to hit me up directly, since it looks like the bug may be more specific to my setup and is unreproducable on their end, without my config data.


That’s why I said that…it was just an observation not a point that needed arguing. Apologies if it rubbed people the wrong way.


Agreed. But I just wish “Continue” had more functionality. It would be nice is “Continue” let a mouse cursor cross over the button, then it dropped down a list of the places I’ve been so I can ‘click’ on the one that I want to continue (not a ‘click’ on the “continue button” and then it gives a list, and then you select the one you want). Also the ability to remove those places you’ve been from the options would be nice, too (for situations where you aren’t going back there again).

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Hi! Just wanted to add my opinion to the pile and agree that some kind of system for handling multiple differently modded instances would be so welcome. Especially with the way that certain mods only work on certain maps, or to make it easier to juggle multiple differently modded runs with different groups.

Great job so far! The idea of a launcher to handle mod setup outside of the launched game is brilliant, and it’s something I’ve been hoping for for a while now!


Yeah, this needs priority. The game launch process for Conan isn’t trivial. Having to shuffle a bunch of mods on launch can be really troublesome. Especially when the automated process leaves you stuck “queueing” for hours.


We greatly appreciate all the feedback, and have made sure to add all items to our backlog for prioritization. For transparency, please note that the initial version is unlikely to see additional features as priority is making sure it works properly and doesn’t cause any troubles launching the game.

Yes, for those who wouldn’t normally use the “Continue” functionality this means an extra click on the launcher’s “Launch” button at least for now. Hopefully we can offset that somewhat with some interesting news that catches your interest, and then later on add functionality specially tailored to those who regularly switch games.

Please do keep ideas, requests, concerns, feedback, et al. coming. We very much want to hear from you on how we can make this as valuable to players as possible.


Thank you for the transparency. It means alot to know what’s planned to happen in the immediate future and the consideration for potential improvements in the future.

Please keep the information flowing – we want to know what you all are thinking.


I was wondering if this launcher could manage downloads instead of steam, dowloading patches on steam always takes too long for this game in particular, i don’t know if it’s only me or anybody else has the same problem.

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The launcher is now live on the main product. We would greatly appreciate further feedback on the new thread. :slight_smile: