Funcom Live Services - Down Again?

Tried all the usual troubleshooting, can’t connect to Funcom Live Services…again.


Same - was connected, switched from Beta to live, can’t connect.

Yes… its dead again, need reanimation…

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Well technically it’s not the game the changed on server restart over the weekend. Just a critical component to online play :man_facepalming:

These are the times I don’t envy FC CSRs. I mean seriously how can someone think that Fing around with FC Live isn’t equivalent to Fing around with the game, where it’s now company policy to not mess with it on Friday for weekend release. The entire business model and online access to paid items depends on it. Hell they don’t even give you the option to continue to play without it.

Ok it finally let go and we can play without it…sorry a bit miffed and still am since I can’t access paid content but this sort of disconnect that the technicians have with company declared policy has got to get better.

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Yyyup… it’s dead here too. It was fussy yesterday already, but today there’s no way to connect to FCS.

Funcom Live Service is handled through PlayFab. Funcom’s internal policies have no bearing on third-party services.

Yep, same thing here, I can’t connect neither…

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Same here, can’t login to FCS, says steam unresponsive? My steam is working fine though? This is getting ridiculous…XD

Adding my body to the pile here. It was working fine a few hours ago.

Just dismantled an entire base (enc build) and lost connection after loading in at Sinkhole obelisk. Entire inventory full of thralls, mats, etc.

Thanks Funcom.

Misery loves company, glad to know I’m not the only one.

Not acceptable. Just because a company outsources a function doesn’t mean that function can evade policy. Oh I know it happens and every single time a company does it, it’s a BS excuse.


i readed it got dossed… that play fab… so in a way you just need to try while it lets you in… (works) but picks time and luck

Yeah and you get kicked again 2 steps later for Auth error…

Blows my mind that here we are on the verge of another update to dump in an unneccessary purge revamp and a bunch more paid content, yet the core bugs with this game and it’s servers have persisted for half a decade.

Which brain-dead TWIT(S) decided that doing another online check was a good/great idea?

Was this a UN-funcom idea? Or a 10cent idea?
PLEASE bless us with yet another BS excuse on why this was done when it worked fine without it.

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