Funcom make up ur mind, stop giving us new structures if you will wipe us

Speaking for my console, PlayStation! I have stated a hundred times that admins need more tools, but no officials are not the main draw. My pvp experience was 90% on private servers, mostly because the people I loved to play with wanted it this way.
The main reason i play pve on official servers is the adjustments! They are tweaked all the time and i love vanilla adjustments. So when @LostBrythunian told me that the servers of @Wak4863 have official adjustments i joined at once Wak’s discord and went to play with my beloved friend.
I play since the spring of 19 if i am not mistaken, my son use to download the free psn games and i give it a try. The summer of 19 i decided to go online. Wak’s server is the first pve official adjustment server i find.
Do you know why?
First we have an endless number of private servers
Second, we don’t have correct filters on the search engine.
But that’s on g portal not funcom!


If this game truly has even half as many people playing on consoles as PC. Then what the hell is wrong with console games? Conan Exiles is one of my favorite games, but there is no way in hell I could put in even 100 hours into it if I was limited to a Playstation or Xbox. The degraded state in comparison to PC is just not something that screams great game on console to me.

And I’m talking about when the game ran on console at its best. Its never had a satisfactory amount of performance on anything but a somewhat decent PC. Couple that with the lack of mouse and keyboard. Then finally the monopolization of having to use G-portal whether you play on Funcom servers or even your own. I mean you can’t even host a local LAN server yourself if you wished.

And if any of you console players thinks its ‘fine’ you really need to try the PC experience and see what you are missing. Conan doesn’t require a hefty PC to run and I’ve even seen some play it on laptops using external GPUs.

I’m not even bringing up the subject of mods here, because when I initially played Conan I didn’t run any mods. I played nearly 1,000 hours before downloading a single mod. I could not have done that on console.

Wow lots of console trashing. Well that’s all I have and it runs fine. Yes the older gens are hurting but we are looking 3 year post COVID and supply chains are stabilizing again so the next gens will dominate now and the game runs fine with the PS5(minus Siptah foliage issues).

There are still lots of people playing console. Isn’t it on game pass for Xbox? And there are literally millions of playstation players that have it in their inventory due to the ps plus freebie back in 2019.
It really wouldn’t surprise me if console #s have surpassed PC playing for this game. It’s better marketed there than PC.

There aren’t a lot of options in the particular niche.
That being survival lite games with abundant building elements.
Ark has been an even buggier mess with worse performance and a graphic style distinctly not to this one’s tastes every time this one tried to play it.
Rust on Consoles… People accuse Funcom/Tencent of being greedy and cheap… They should look at the what Double Eleven tried to charge for the paid beta test for that extremely stripped down and never saw a lick of polish experience.

Valheim coming to XBoX is probably the closest competition in type of game and genre. (More to unpack on that later in post)

There’s also Green Hell, but a dysentery simulator is far enough removed that this one doesn’t consider it to be in the same grouping.

Now, in retrospect, this type of game probably isn’t best suited for consoles. It’s very memory and graphically intensive, even when optimized. There is so much more going on at anyone one point than say a Metroidvania, Boomer Shooter, or SHUMP. It can be ported, but it will be a challenge and the pay out needs to be good to justify it (that’s as far as this one is going into monetization in this post). However, this does let it reach a much wider customer base. Even at it’s gray market rate, a PS5 is about a fifth of the cost of a good gaming rig. In many places, the economy is sorta in the porcelain throne. That impacts.

Wheeling back around to overall state of games. Extremely good. Provided you skip the overpriced paid beta scheme that many AAA studios are running. The indie market on Consoles, much like on Steam, is thriving and producing quality, enjoyable games at a reasonable price. However, for those with brand loyalty to companies like Ubisoft, Bethesda, or Square/Enix… It’s not a good time to be a gamer at all. Consoles are a more extreme micro-cosm of the larger issues in the industry. AAA studios can always get their steaming unfinished piles published on all platforms, while the better and more affordable games from less bloated companies have to go thru many hoops to get listed. Cyberpunk 2077 is both a prime example of that, and an extremely rare case where something was actually done about it. There’s a big history component to that, but it’s way off topic.

So, Valheim, from a small team, is about the best in class that competes, and it is a very specific game. But it also highlights that quality of product is not exactly tied to quantity of useless execs in the office making it

So, to answer your very likely rhetorical question, what’s wrong with games on Consoles is the same as what is wrong with games on PC, but to a more extreme level.


I wasn’t bashing consoles, I was bashing a perceived lack of better options (as in better running games). Which there would be no excuse for.

No, we got a policy of minimizing the cost of effort invested in the service they provide for free. Issuing warnings and then following-up would not only double or triple their work, it would also require a more complicated workflow and a system to support it and track it.

All that costs money, which has to come from somewhere.

Oh, admins are wiping a lot of people, so that means that they must be judging their builds on size? The logic in that sentence is suspect.

In fact, logic would suggest that if it were the size, then the number of incidents would slowly decrease over time, because people would start building smaller and smaller until they hit a point where they’re not getting wiped. Instead, you and so many others assume that the problem was the size, and then look for other cases that seem to confirm your own bias.

No, there isn’t a limit. Nothing in the rules specifies that your builds have to be of a certain size or under. In fact, the only mention of the build size at all is in the following sentence:

And for some reason, people tend to focus on the word “massive” while completely disregarding the whole part about “leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side”.

But hey, feel free to choose the bits of rules you think are important, and then be surprised that the official interpretation doesn’t match your own cherry-picked one. :man_shrugging:


I am curious if anyone at FC did research the idea of a server club where you pay a small monthly fee and get access to a decently supported server. I mean depending on costs, I may be interested in something like that.


Uh, I play on a laptop all the time and it runs great with the internal RTX 3070 card.

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I hope so. Its internal. :laughing:

The point I was making is the game runs pretty well even if its not a great GPU or even internal in a laptop.

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Well that is the very definition of the cherry-picking logical fallacy. And considering the people who are using it, and what they are claiming it for, logic is, I assume, not their strong points. :wink:

I would also like to bring up some other factors. Person X in the clan is building a structure on top of a POI, which is against the ToS. Person Y is farming materials for Person X knowing full well what they are building and where. Person Z is farming materials for a completely different project and has no real knowledge of what Person Y is doing. How is any Admin doing to know ANY of this information? Person’s X and Y intentionally broke the ToS and person Z had no knowledge of the violation, though some of the materials they farmed COULD have been used in the construction of the building of the structure as well. There is absolutely no way for any admin to know WHO is culpable and WHO is ignorant of the violation and thus the only solution is to ban the entire clan.


Yes, And this was one of the single stupidest and alienating EXCUSES given by Funcom to date at least as far as for new players (if there is anymore at this point) and players who do not want to play on Admin powertrip lands (aka. privates servers) . I say excuses as this was in FACT just an excuse to not upgrade their servers to actually make the game function as it should and be playable in a stable state.

Bottomline: To new players and for gamers in the majority the servers the game officially run on (main game owned by the company that developed the game, please don’t try to weasel out on definition, just don’t) is the one that REPRESENTS the game to new players and server as the flagship of the game. People who don’t like this fact all I can say is tough . This is simply how it was, is , and will be as far as the majority of players of video games are concerned.

Don’t want to run your game in a playable state (multiplayer 40/40 as the server states is supposed to be number of players the server was set to allow maximum) ? Fine. Don’t expect players to continue to play and invite their friends over to play either. But, do NOT insult players by saying your OFFICIAL SERVERS are not the servers that the official game is supposed to be played on !

The Nerve.


Yeah I thought that was odd that they don’t run the servers they are responsible for like the game that CE was intended to be. Sounds too much like a cop out excuse to not put resources on officials and placation to the private server crowd where the numbers don’t lie and there are more private servers active than officials.


That’s why there’s so much freedom :man_shrugging: The players who do not want to play on those servers and aren’t okay with the rules on official servers can simply play in single player, or host their own servers where they can become the “powertripped admin of the land” :man_shrugging:

But it’s NOT an excuse… at least it does not seem like one to me… It’s a ruleset specifically tailored to be able fit a lot of people on a server…

It is simply not possible to have it both ways… Atm they have thousands of servers… WITH these strict rules… if they suddenly tell people they can go ham with their buildings you’d need like a server per every 20 player, cuz they’ll have massive towns and a convenient second base set up at each landmark, but then decide hey why not build bridges and overpasses between them as well, cuz there’s not much else to build… :man_shrugging:

A server atm can serve hundreds of players, since just because they’re not all online at the same time does not mean they don’t have a base there and simply log on at different times… if you tell them they can landclaim to their hearts content half of those wouldn’t have an empty spot to build in…

The building system in this game is just too powerful… look at any single player save…
Here’s an example from reddit:

The person did this in a couple of days… Now I’m sure they used creative mode, but it’s not THAT hard to farm mats so without these rules they would definitely have no issue building that on an official server either.
What happens then? They get bored and start a new project somewhere else… but they ofc don’t wanna destroy this, because it’s art, no? You just can’t have that on official servers…

So it’s NOT an excuse… it never was… the capabilities of the game are NOT in any way represented in official servers and they can never be…

Now you’re confusing TWO DIFFERENT THINGS…

The first one, you’re talking about performance… THIS was not about that in any way…
The topic is NOT about server performance… it’s not about how the server acts when 40 people join… With THAT, I agree and I have said multiple times that they should upgrade the quality of the servers.
It’s about landclaim first and foremost, that what the rules are about. Taking up MORE space than what you NEED (and not what you WANT, because there’s an important difference between the two)

You also seem to be misunderstanding their take on this… They said that in the context of building… just like I explained it above…
So no, that’s not “insulting” players in any way… they’re saying that if you want to hog the map then go play somewhere else… the game ALLOWS for it… official servers DO NOT. That’s it pretty much.


I have gone through your post and fully understand the point you are trying to make, but simply put nothing you have said changes the fact that the above statement that I quoted was a message to convey excusing the poor function of the official servers.

“Standard of the game should be played”

The official servers provided (they are paying for them to provided by GPortal wth the OFFICIAL stamp on them by the official owners, developers, and directors of the game are not the standard of how the game should be played and represented ?!? Sorry but, dosesn’t many amount of sense at all. Players do not see it that way and in fact see it the opposite way. The Official server represents the official way game is supposed to be ran and played approved by the officials of the game itself. This is an escapable fact.

Saying it doesn’t make it so, because frankly players are the ones who decide what they feel is the approved and promoted version of the game and majority of players coming into a game or speaking about a game will refer the game that is run and administrated by the developer and runners of the game. This is the stone cold reality of the situation.

Well… that’s pretty much the impression I’m getting from your post…
You disagree with what ruleset they decided to run them with so you’re saying that it’s “not true” and it’s just an “excuse”… but you saying that… does it suddenly make it so?..

Oh really? How’s that been working out for you?.. I personally didn’t get any invitations to the shareholders meeting or even the design / direction internal meetings…

So what evidence points you to that fact?..
Because I’m the one who said it and even I don’t really have the official source for it like I said, just heard them and others say it here and there, so have others and so have you.

But I always understood it as a legit justification for the rules and not an excuse for the bad technical performance - there’s a massive difference between those two.

To me it always meant that you are restricted by rules on official servers from using everything that the game has to offer so that you don’t end up hogging the server.
And if I remember correctly this was actually their reply to the constant cherry-picked justification players come up with on a regular basis that the words “build” and “dominate” were being marketed with this game… so they said… “Sure… the game allows you to do that… BUT not on our servers…”

So if you don’t like that “official way of playing” you described there… you can feel free to take your game to Single Player, you have that freedom… :man_shrugging:

And if you still didn’t get the distinction, I am not in any way saying that this excuses the fact that the servers themselves are of bad quality and can’t host the amount of players they advertise AND ensure the game remains playable at the same time. So on that note I fully agree… they should really get better servers :man_shrugging:
This thread was mainly about the rules and wipes and landclaim and whatnot and not about server performance.

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This is such an ignorant BS claim. I am so sick of the uneducated on this forum constantly bashing private servers while constantly complaining about official servers. Having played on both, since early access, and almost exclusively on private servers as of late, I can honestly say this is utter nonsense and the negative things that everyone cries about on the officials (which I have seen first hand as well) I do not experience on private servers. So yeah, if you want to play on poorly run, laggy garbage servers where you can get admin wiped at any moment and possible banned from then sure go right ahead. But stop complaining about it and stop insulting people who run and play on private servers while you do so.


Time will ladies and gentlemen. My words obviously do nothing for you. This is fine as the facts don’t care about your opinion over the opinions of the majority of game players. Read from more than just this forum and visit the voice chats and see what the prevailing point of view is regarding Official servers of a video game. Read is seen to be responsible for their (official servers of a video game) quality and how that reflects on the perceived quality players have on said game.

Gamers opinion matters and first impressions can make or break a game. Right now the first impression of Offical servers is poor and players in majority will attach the responsibility for quality of the developers supported platform (servers) for their game. You simply can not separate responsibly and perception when you label anditem, object, or other material OFFICIAL an not expect players to see it as the reprehensive of their (devs) collective work.

It is not in the end I who needs to be convinced of quality and ownership, but all gamers who would be interested in this game and be turned away from it due to the quality so called Offical servers.

Players do expect to purchase a game and then have to purchase a server after words in order to play this game in a stable state and enjoy the all designed functions of the game in a multiplayer capacity .

In short for enjoyment it is being said purchase the game and then purchase a server to enjoy it.

I simply saying the majority of gamers find this concept unacceptable and will just as simply take their business and time elsewhere. Again, it is not I you need convince.

That is an opinion.

That is the fact.

We don’t have to like facts. But they are true. I don’t like getting older, in my opinion I shouldn’t. But its going to happen anyway, physics are physics.

Physically Funcom provided servers can’t do big builds and open servers. So they don’t.


Again, again, again please understand that the majority of players never visit the website aside from downloading the game and never look at the site again. The majority of them (players) also do not visit the forums to read performance disclaimers and state of the game on the official servers. The majority expect and assume that the official servers are the official way to play the game and will judge the game as it plays on the official servers first and foremost.

Again, it is not I who you need to convince as said before. The majority of players perception of what they see as the benchmark of the entirety of the game. The official server will be the first place that a new player will visit alone or with their friends. This is when they will form their judgment of their enjoyment of the game (first impressions matter folks). Do you see the danger now of the Officials not presenting the game in a favorable light in this critical decision making time. This not the only survival multiplayer game out there and choices are plentiful. These are the facts. Food for thought.

Oh look, Taemien does have some pictures of it :joy:

Wait, are you under the impression that the majority of CE players play on official servers? Just wondering here.

Yup! There are admins who work super hard and their hobby / passion is to provide a GOOD gaming environment for players… They’re not even always players themselves so the “player bias” is not even a factor that people like to throw into these discussions…

Just like some modders almost never play the game, because their passion is creating the mods and not using them there are server admins who found their thing in managing servers / creating unique things for their players etc.
Maybe Sairdontis needs to try a few servers :stuck_out_tongue: